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My name is Nicole Le Maire and as an International HR Professional, I love helping people build their careers so that they can carry out their mission in life and make a difference.

As the owner of Human Resources Global Limited and, I understand the challenges people and organisations are facing in today’s world. In order to find success; individuals and organisations need the drive, flexibility, commitment and dedication to continue to be a success.

When you work with me, I will help you find that success, by using a different approach; a thought that was not possible, a problem that becomes an opportunity, a reflection to learn more effectively, allowing you or your organisation to grow and be successful.

Looking back over my 15 year career, I can confidently say that I have been proactive in helping achieve clients goals. I have built a global network whereby I receive daily invites to speak, teach, write and add value to people's lives.

I would be very happy to work together so we can achieve your career vision?

**Co-Author of The Female Leader; Empowerment, Confidence & Passion**
to be published February 2014

**Co-Author of #1 Bestseller - Turning Points; 25 Inspiring Stories-Women Entrepreneurs**

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