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Passionate about all things online marketing, including search, both paid and organic, usability, email marketing, analytics, social media and conversion optimization.

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Affiliate Marketing Manager

Absolutely Digital
Internet Marketing, Communications & PR

Absolutely Digital, part of the Atlas Interactive Group, is headquartered in Beirut since 2001 and in Barcelona since 2012. It provides an excellent platform for content localization. All Absolutely Digital products leverage highly flexible applications and offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that delivers business process authoring capabilities to meet the unique requirements of organizations today and into the future. In a span of a few years, Absolutely Digital has developed a catalogue of products designed for every aspect of the mobile business, as well as reliable payment solutions across many regional mobile operators, these include: Premium SMS/voice - Connections across regional carriers Mobile Marketing Mobile Content Licensing Mobile Games and applications Absolutely Digital is a leading global player providing multiplatform marketing solutions and value added content. We pride ourselves to be at the vanguard of technology, constantly innovating and adapting to trends offering customized solutions both to businesses and consumers. Absolutely Digital is your gateway to the world! As a digital content leader, Absolutely Digital will manage projects from A to Z by handling the content, editing, publishing and payment options. A team of experts is in charge of molding our customer's most detailed requests and providing a professional outcome. Discover how we can create a visual identity and online strategy for your company, advertise your brand, recruit new customers, socialize and keep them engaged, transform your whole way of marketing, and provide ways to monetize your database You won’t have to hire multiple companies to get your project done, we can do it all!

Community Manager

Caribbean Services S.L

Servicios de consultoría turística en la ciudad de Barcelona y alrededores. Con especial atención en el turista venezolano, hemos desarrollado desde la experiencia un servicio único y exclusivo para satisfacer las necesidades y particularidades del turismo venezolano.

Digital Manager


La primera red social en el mundo destinada al seguimiento y geolocalizacion de famosos. BeCurious, BePaparazzi, Beblab...

Project Manager


Babymass is a company engaged in the creation of innovative products for the new generation of urban parents. In Babymass we strive to create safe products and adapted to new needs, tastes and lifestyles of modern-day families. We created the first Baby Massage Kit, the only one recommended by the Spanish Association of Physiotherapist (, member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy ( Babymass es una empresa dedicada a la creación de productos innovadores para la nueva generación de los padres urbanos. Hemos creado el kit para bebés Masaje en primer lugar, el único recomendado por la Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas ( Funciones como Project Manager - Contacto, seguimiento y puesta en marcha de acciones en canales de venta on-line - Acciones especificas dirigida al sector Bloggers · Definición de estrategias y ofertas de productos · Definición y gestión de campañas de marketing on-line · Mantenimiento de canales 2.0 · Seguimiento de tendencias en el sector · Diseño y definición de nuevas acciones digitales

Community Manager

Pride Barcelona

Pride Barcelona es el esdeveniment gratuït mes gran per celebrar l'orgull LGTB del mediterrani! Pride Barcelona es el acontecimiento gratuito mas grande para celebrar el orgullo LGTB del mediterráneo! Pride Barcelona is the biggest party to celebrate the LGTB pride in all the mediterranean!

Digital Marketer y SMO


Diseño, planificación y desarrollo de propuestas y estrategias Social Media, Community Managment y Marketing Digital

Junior Social Media Manager


Desarrollo de Estrategias digitales de marketing y social media, medición y monitorización de campañas, auditorias de reputación online.


Instituto de Innovacion Digital de las Profesiones (INESDI)

Prácticas en Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales 2.0 Instituto de Innovación Digital de las Profesiones (Inesdi). Formo parte del equipo de profesional de Social Media de @seniormanager bajo el asesoramiento academico de Pedro Rojas.


Instituto de innovación digital de las profesiones. Inesdi

Tecnico en Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Universidad de Oriente (VE)

Ingeniero Electricista


Spanish high
English medium
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Google Partners

Google Partners Certification