My name is Aashima and I am a twenty-two-year-old medical student. My life would be like any other if it does not become because I am currently heating my uncle's sheets. Many may be surprised or even scandalized but I am happy loving and desiring that man. If I want to explain to you how I got to sleep with Uncle Manuel, I have to go back four years when I arrived in Madrid to study. Having finished school in my native Validation, my parents decided that I would take medicine in the Autonomous University of Madrid and that's why I saw myself living in the capital. Although I was going to live in a college, my mother entrusted me to her little sister who also lived there. Aunt Susana took me under her protection and in that way, I began to frequent her house. That's where I met her husband, a dark-haired man who is very good at seeing that besides being good, He was one of the youngest managers of a large bank. From the first moment, I understood that they were an ideal marriage. Handsome and rich, they were in love with each other. Her husband was devoted body and soul to satisfy the aunt. Nothing was too much for her, my uncle spoiled and pampered her in such a way that I began to envy their relationship without realizing it. Many times I wish that the moment arrived, I would also find a partner who would love me with madness. To top it off, my aunt Susana was a beauty so I always felt dumbfounded in her presence. Sweet and good, that woman treated me with such affection that it never occurred to me that one day I would replace her in her bed. Although she appreciated her husband fairly and knew that he exuded virility from all their pores, I never saw him as he was a man, I always considered him a prohibited matter. That couple had been looking for many years to have children and being deeply conservative, Susan saw in the fruit growing in her belly a gift from God. For that reason when in a routine review they discovered that he had cancer, he refused to treat him because it would jeopardize the viability of the fetus. I futilely tried to convince her that I would have other opportunities to be a mother but my words loaded with reason fell on deaf ears. The only thing I could convince her about was that she let me take care of her at home. At first he refused, but with the help of my uncle, he finally gave his arm to twist. For that unfortunate circumstance I went to live in that chalet of the Viso and that changed my life. I have never left those walls again and I confess that I hope I never have to do it. The aunt was five months old when she found out and seeing her, it seemed impossible that she was so bad and that the cancer was corroding her inside. Her breasts, which were already large, became enormous upon entering state and her face never clearly reflected the disease her illness. When he arrived at his house, he welcomed me as if he were his own sister and gave me the guest room next to his. Because my wall matched his, I witnessed the nights of pain that couple went through and how Manuel silently cried the agony of what was his life. Thanks to my studies, almost daily I had to explain how his beloved's cancer was evolving and although the news was getting worse, he never showed discouragement and the worse he painted the thing, the more loving he took care of his love. It was then that little by little I fell in love with that good man.Goa Call Girls Even if it was my uncle and it took me fifteen years, I could not stop valuing his dedication and without realizing it, his presence became an essential part of my life. At eight months of pregnancy, the cancer had spread to the lungs and that's why his doctor insisted on advancing the birth. I still remember that afternoon. My aunt called me to her room and with great fortitude, she asked me to tell her the truth: -If we advance it, will my son be in danger? -No- I answered without lying - it already has good weight and it is more harmful for him to continue inside your uterus in case everything fails. Indirectly, he was telling her that her liver could not give more of itself and that at any moment it could collapse, killing not only her but her offspring. My frankness convinced her and holding my hand, she released me: -Elena. I want you to promise me something…. -Of course, aunt- I answered without knowing what I wanted. - ... if I die, I want you to take care of raising my son. You must be his mother! Although I was scandalized by the true meaning of her words, I could not contradict her and I promised. "The poor thing must be delirious," I said to myself as I lent him that strange oath because not in vain the child would have a father. A moan of pain made me forget the matter and calling the doctor I asked for his help.

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