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Monday, June 09 2014

Renew, recycle… or reinvent

What was once a successful business can see its business dry up when a company doesn’t know how to change with the environment (not to mention technology) around it. When faced with a dying business what can you do? There are so many familiar examples of companies and have (or have not) known how to reinvent themselves… Blockbuster, Starbucks, Kodak, and in most recent news, RadioShack.


Today, the struggling retailer launches a nationwide Fix It Here program for phones and tablets with cracked screens, broken buttons, faulty cameras, water damage, audio issues and other maladies. So why turn to RadioShack to salvage your damaged device? At some stores, RadioShack promises same-day repair service.

20140609-fta-mario-princessSome companies make a whole business out of reinventing not necessarily themselves, but by repurposing and recycling goods, like Alchemy Goods that got started by making up-cycled messenger bags, or by reinventing spaces, like The Wash House in NYC, that combines a café and a Laundromat. Talk about reinventing the laundry experience! Take some time to think about what you’re missing during your day to day routine and maybe you’ll have your next business idea.

Reinventing Gaming: How about a Princess who saves Mario?

Whether we’re talking about $0.77 to the dollar or 14% of board seats held by women in Fortune 500 firms the gender gap is a hot topic and Laila Shabir, CEO and co-founder of educational games studio LearnDistrict, is taking on a new front. This summer she is launching the first edition of Girls Make Games Summer Camp.

The idea for the summer camps, which will start in mid June for girls aged 11-16, came to Shabir after she had trouble finding female hires for her games studio. Months spent searching for qualified female developers resulted in her questioning whether there were even any women interested in the gaming industry.

At Girls Make Games, the campers will learn about different genres of games and game development, with the LearnDistrict team introducing and explaining the unique challenges in certain game genres.

Kids’ creative solutions to global waste

Whether you send your kids away to programming summer camp or not, some creative solutions for world problems, like global waste, come to light when you ask them to answer some of our biggest challenges in society. So this summer, maybe you might think about putting together a brainstorming session with your kids to if you’re looking to come up with that next big business idea. While they may not all be 100% realistic, they may just help you stumble upon something truly innovative.


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