These Companies Get Diversity Right

Wednesday, May 21 2014

Do you know which global companies do the best job encouraging diversity on their teams and or what sectors are the strongest in promoting diversity?

20140521-fta-50-best-companies-diversityPhamra. That’s right, the pharmaceutical sector sets an example for all with an overwhelming presence on the list of the of the world’s most diverse companies. DiversityInc has published its annual ranking of 50 Best Companies for Diversity with Novartis leading the list with five other pharmaceutical giants – Johnson&Johnson, Abbott, Merck, Lilly and Abbvie – also making the cut.


There are other sectors well represented as well; Consulting Services takes a stand with EY, PwC, Deloitte and Accenture in the top 20, Consumer Goods is well represented by Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s and Kraft Foods among others. The only tech companies to make the list – IBM and Dell. But we already know that diversity is not the strong suit of the big tech giants. Gender and racial diversity are only some of the factors analyzed by DiversityInc to establish diversity levels.

The findings are based on a study of over 1,200 companies with at least 1,000 employees around the world and analyzing more than 183 factors within those companies.

For Luke Visconti, founder and CEO of DiversityInc, diversity is directly related to the business results of a company. “Companies with better reputations for diversity attract the best and most qualified employees who in turn will create and provide the best products and services. It’s a cycle that allows those companies at the top of the list to generate better results for their shareholders and beat their competition.”

What factors are used to determine the diversity level of a company?

DiversityInc’s lint uses the following factors to rank global organizations:

• Human talent: A company’s human talent, how it’s structured, its recruitment practives and the scope of talent that exists throughout the organization.

• Balanced talent development: This area includes both the training and education of employees as well as their involvement in philanthropic and social responsibility initiatives.

• Commitment to leadership: The CEO’s commitment to leading and promoting diversity as a driver of business results is another of the factors analyzed. This area takes into account his/her personal communication, leadership style, and the culture that he/she foments in the organization and to what degree they promote diversity.

• Supplier diversity: From whom the company buys is examined to determine if an organization is committed to supporting under-represented groups and companies of diverse sizes and structures.

Want to see the whole list? Here are the 50 best companies for diversity according to DiversityInc:


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