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Monday, May 19 2014

jill-abramsonThe gender wage gap and double standards for women leaders is making the news again, this time regarding the recently fired New York Times executive editor, Jill Abramson. Recently before her dismissal, Ambramson had learned that her base salary was lower than her male predecessor’s.

Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Times publisher, denied that gender played a role in his decision to fire Abramson as the newspaper's executive editor, but the lack of gender balance and pay-equity in the media is back in the spotlight with female journalists making an average of 17% less than their male colleagues. While she was cited as having a “brusque” manner, supposedly one of the main reasons for her dismissal, but female journalists at the NYT have spoken out in support of her leadership style and what she accomplished to promote her female colleagues during her brief 2-year tenure.


Marriage in Oregon

Oregon might be the next state to allow same-sex marriage. Federal Judge Michael McShane said he'll rule Monday on a constitutional challenge to the state's same-sex marriage ban. Democratic Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum called the ban legally indefensible and refused to offer arguments supporting it. We’ll have to wait and see the ruling, but state officials say that same-sex marriages could begin as soon as the ruling come out if the ban is lifted.

You win some, you lose some

Awaiting FCC approval, in a landmark deal, AT&T will buy Direct TV for $48.5 Billion making it the second largest U.S. television provider after Comcast-Time Warner. AT& T cited the acquisition as a strategy to provide it with new channels to deliver premium content to its mobile users. Already using AT&T on your smart devices? Expect new features and changes in the near future as mobile, television and digital content merge further in our daily lives.

But not everyone gets want they want. British drug maker AstraZeneca rejected Monday what its New York-based rival Pfizer called over the weekend its "final" takeover offer. Pfizer's sweetened offer valued AstraZeneca at around $116 billion. The takeover would have created the world's largest drugs company. AstraZeneca said the deal would not be good for its shareholders. So maybe someone is winning in the end.

Save my coffee!

Has the price of your favorite coffee gone up lately? Raj Shah, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development, is expected to announce Monday a $5 million partnership with Texas A&M University's World Coffee Research center to try to eliminate a devastating coffee disease. The fungus has caused more than $1 billion in damage across Latin America and is especially deadly to Arabica coffee, the bean that makes up most high-end, specialty coffees. Already, it is affecting the price of some of those coffees in the United States.

20140519-fta-commuter-bikeBetter commuting

Your morning and evening commute… is it a pleasant experience? Most people don’t consider their commute to and from work to be the most productive or enjoyable parts of their days. We try to make the best of it whether reading on the train, getting in some exercise by biking or walking, or catching up on the news or podcast in the car. Urban Engines is using prizes and incentives to improve your commute, whether it’s on public transit or by car. Telecommuting is seen as the holy grail of work/life flexibility by many, but in our ever-growing, crowded cities (and busy lives) if we had better and more efficient ways of getting to and from work, we might just be able to reap the benefits of both.

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