Don’t Miss! Boston Strong, April 21st!

Monday, April 21 2014

Today is set to be a day of triumph, perseverance and courage. One year has passed since 3 people were killed and 264 were wounded in last year’s Boston Marathon.

dont-miss-boston-strong-2014Today at 9:30 about 36,000 participants will take part in the 118th edition of this 26.2 mile race. You can watch the official live streaming online here starting at 8:30am ET. Our thoughts go out to all who lost someone in 2013’s bombing. Boston Strong!


Across the globe, over 100 female students were kidnapped from their school dormitory in Chibok, Nigeria. Most worrisome however is that this type of random and violent act hasn’t surprised any of the locals. These kidnappings often result in force servitude, and 77 of the girls are unaccounted for.

Where Are All the Women Entrepreneurs?

F6S, a web portal dedicated to the world of startups has just released the results of a new study on who is most likely to be accepted into accelerators. The study was based on 62,262 accelerator applications from over 150,000 founders in 95 countries. While we already knew that startups (especially in tech) are a predominantly male world, we were shocked to see just how skewed the numbers were. The study shows that startups accepted into accelerator programs on average have 2.3 founders of which 86.8% are male. So where are all the ladies?! If you’re starting a new venture, there are plenty of ways to get it going financially and clearly we need to start applying in greater numbers to accelerator programs to take advantage of the opportunities they provide new startups.

Just How Unrealistic Is the Target Swimsuit Model’s Body?

Have you seen the Photoshopping-gone-very-wrong Target ad? Well just in case you’re not convinced that brands go too far in their desire to perpetuate unhealthy and unrealistic body images of women (and in this case teens) then check out the “impossible” body of Target’s model in the flesh on Ellen’s TV show interview.

Yahoo, AirBnB, Square and Google

Tech companies are no strangers to politics and government. Whether it’s about NSA privacy (or lack there of) issues, Mozilla’s controversial CEO exit, or Google mapping North Korea, the tech giants are closely tied to government on many fronts. Yahoo’s Melissa Mayer and Y Combinator’s Sam Altman will be hosting a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee headlined by President Obama this coming May 8th in Y Combinator’s offices in Mountain View. It seems the event was originally to be held at Marissa Mayer’s home, but die to high demand the venue was moved to accommodate more attendees.

In other tech news, after continuing legal problems in New York, and now in hometown of San Francisco, AirBnB will be meeting with the NY Attorney General in Court this week to hone in on hosts who illegally run undercover hotels through the platform by renting out multiple rooms or properties on the site.

The WSJ has been reporting that Square, the mobile-payments startup, has been in conversations with Google about a possible sale. While it does seem that the startup is shopping around after putting its IPO plans on hold, sources from Square have said they have met with M&A executives from various companies, not just Google.

Is Europe Doing a Better Job Getting Women on Boards?

It’s little surprise that in 2003 Norway passed legislation requiring 40% of corporate board seats to be held by women by 2008. Our Scandinavian cousins met their goal and now other European countries are following suit. Spain has passed similar legislation although it’s not as strictly enforced as it was in Norway. A Dutch organization, TopBrainstorm, is chartering a voluntary plan for companies in the Netherlands in a push towards diversity. Do you think that board diversity should be voluntary or government mandated? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Photo credit: Bill Damon

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