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Monday, April 14 2014

As the pollen vortex nears New York City pollen isn't the only thing making the skies hazy. The new controversies reflect the seasonal change not just in nature but in many institutions: Dropbox appoints Condoleezza Rice to its board of directors, causing this week's biggest twitter protest, but there's more.

dont-miss-april-fourteen-heartbleedOn the international front, there is yet to be resolution in either of our favorite subjects: Crimea and the missing flight MH370. For the former, tensions have indeed escalated over the weekend and diplomatic solutions now seem unlikely as Russia seeks to hold onto the region. And as for the later, authorities were happy to report the launch of submarines in search of the black box.


Notable Appointments
Now that the Affordable Care Act is off to a respectable start (officially 7.5 million people are now registered), the Department of Health and Human Services is doing its own Spring cleaning. Kathleen Sebelius has resigned and President Obama has nominated Sylvia Matthews Burwell to head the department. Senate confirmation is still pending. Burwell is currently the director of White House office of Management and Budget.

Condoleezza's back. The former Secretary of State under George W. Bush has joined the board at DropBox. The announcement has resulted in a massive twitter protest campaign to boycott the cloud service, due to Rice's involvement in the government surveillance program.

A bug with a bleeding heart?
The newest saga on the horizon isn't the new season of Game of Thrones, but the Heartbleed bug. What is it? It is perhaps the most aggressive violation of personal privacy online outside of NSA. Up to 64kb can be easily retrieved by the attacker. Here's an easy to follow explanation of the details surrounding this flaw in encryption tools.

Buckle Up!
The excitement surrounding Mary Barra's appointment as CEO of GM has died down and given way to a new type of attention to the first female CEO of an automotive company. In fact, both GM and Toyota have been under fire for recalls regarding faulty ignitions and gas pedals. The auto-giants have finally realized that paying the cost of recalling cars fixing these minor issues is more important than saving a few cents. Hopefully more companies will follow suit and begin being pound smart instead of penny foolish!

Take control of your wallet!
Now that the rush to get taxes in is over (hopefully) and your balance is fresh in your mind, it's time to start having important long term conversations about your financial goals. Forbes has put together a quick list of 6 Conversations You Need To Have About Money with your partner, boss, children, etc. It's not a bucket of laughs, but will help you manage your personal finances better.

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