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Monday, March 24 2014

This week's top stories: Obama in Europe to seek resolution in Cimea, Malasyan Airlines Flight MH370 search comes to a close, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in April's Vogue, and Hillary 2016.

Still not incorporating the #hashtag into your social media marketing plan? Think again.
Vogue has created a storm of online activity online by previewing the April cover featuring Kim Kardashian and fiancée Kanye West, which has of course caused a fury of backlash and spoofs from those who aren't exactly keeping up with Kimmy.
Least you doubt, Vogue editor in chief, Anna Wintour knows what she's doing. She has written that "Vogue always looks to feature those who define culture at the given moment — the people who stir things up and influence the world." Well, if you're looking to make a splash, there's nothing like reality star controversy to do it with. Remember that old saying? "Any Publicity is Good Publicity"


And it's not just about selling magazines – everyone does it! Last week, conservative media, led by the National Review, decided that after 4 years of silence, it was time to kick up some dust about DC Abortion Fund's use of abortion hanger pendants to thank donors whose contributions help low-income women afford safe abortion care. The difference with politics is that it's up to the public to decide how this will affect their view of the source. For the Fund it's free press.

The PC/MAC divide begins to close as Microsoft announces the release of Office for iPad on March 27th, 2014. PC lovers can now look cool with their iPad without losing productivity.

Hillary 2016?
Another public figure benefiting from her own media frenzy is Hillary Clinton. Despite her insistence that she is focused solely on writing her memoire, Clinton has been vocal lately about foreign policy and education, stirring up new press for her 2016 presidential bid. During the Clinton Global Initiative University Conference she was asked "If you don't represent women as President, who will?" Clinton has yet to answer concretely.

International Watercooler Small Talk
Hillary's comments were published on the eve of President Obama's visit to Europe as he attends a Nuclear Summit, and continue to push a pro-Ukranian agenda. He has called an emergency G-7 meeting to discuss the Crimean situation with his European Allies (excluding Russia, of course). In question is Russia's integration into the world economy. Obama's visit to the Hague will also inlcude meetings with Chinese President Xi to discuss trade policies.

Malasian government has declared that missing Malasian Airlines Flight MH370 has gone down in the Indian Ocean. Australian navy ship HMAS Success is on its way to pick up the suspected debris which was first spotted via satellite last Monday. Flight MH370 vanished March 8th an hour after its departure from Kuala Lampur on its way to Beijing. Chinese and American ships are on their way to the site to help with the search.

Another important search is on the way as the US has deployed Air Force Special Operations Forces to find African Warlord Joseph Kony. In March, 2012, Invisible Children published a video denouncing the warlord's atrocities against children in Central Africa that later went viral; however the abductions of youth by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) continues. Kony is wanted for war crimes by the International Tribune.

Happy Spring! Time to smile!
March 20th, the beginning of the Spring solstice is now also known as the International Day of Happiness. That means it's time to get happy. If you're not happy in your job, it's time to make some changes, whether that be a new job or just changing your perspective. Being happy is an integral part of your success and productivity, so remember to take time out to play. If you've decided that it's time to change your desk, start with the list of the best places to work.

If you're concerned about your happiness later in life, take a cue from Warren Buffet and plan your retirement portfolio. Once you've made your plan for professional happiness, smile!

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