Don’t Miss! March 10th

Monday, March 10 2014

We said March would be Mad, and indeed – a lot has happened this past week!

baggage-checkIn-flight Small Talk
United Airlines has implemented new bag-sizing boxes at their kiosks to enforce the carry-on size limit (9in x 14in x 22in). While the size has not changed, and they will still allow one personal item such as a laptop or purse in addition, there will now be an additional $25 fee for those who get stopped at security check-point for oversized baggage. So much for friendly skies.


Money Matters & Progress Reports
Yahoo has been in the news, a lot! Both because of its forthcoming ID policy and CEO Melissa Mayer. Although no timeline was given, the Internet Giant has announced it will no longer allow users to sign in to services with their Facebook and Google accounts. Account Inactive for ages? Not to fret, accounts that have been inactive for up to 12 months will be freed up.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has finally received a glowing progress report for her talent management. Today talks have resumed to "aqui-hire" Irish tech firm Sindice Tech for $15m, but that's not why she's gotten the glowing reviews. Mayer has been praised for successfully changing the corporate culture in a short time. Despite the strong critiques for her radical decision to cut telecommuting, employees now feel more confident in the company.

Speaking of hiring, the US National Employment Report was released on Friday. It too was optimistic. 175,000 more jobs were added last month! While the total unemployment rate rose to 6.7% from 6.6%, it was due to more people entering the workforce to look for jobs rather than more people losing jobs.

In fact it's been a good month for the Obama administration, as both the budget and the affordable care act have grown in their approval ratings. They have begun to show positive benefits, including increased consumer spending and most importantly a drop in the uninsured.

The week's star underperformer has been – you guessed it: Bitcoin. Bankruptcy, opacity and instability plague the digital cryptocurrency, but it's still hanging in there.

Start Your Week With A Smile!
Saturday, March 8th marked the 106th International Women's Day, where women and men from over the world celebrated in their own way. This year has seen the highest number of women join the Forbes Billionaire List. Celebrations aside, Forbes has also compiled a lovely list of 10 things central to the conversation on improving the continued struggle for gender equality.


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