Leading Ladies: Still Searching for the Spotlight [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wednesday, March 05 2014

Now that the glitter of the Oscars has worn off, it's a good moment to reflect on the Film Industry. In the US, which has one of the oldest and largest industries, it generated $522 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow to over $632 in the next four years. The gowns actresses wear on the red carpet fill front pages and are huge social media traffic generators, but beyond these fleeting moments of protagonism, have women's roles on and off-screen really made progress?

20140304-fta-film-red-carpet-Joya-Ahsan-CannesNot really.


Unfortunately, only one in every five people working in the film industry is a woman. That's 20%. However you put it, it's dismal. Female actresses earn significantly less than their male counterparts. According to the Forbes 2013 list of the highest paid actors and actresses, the collective worth of the top ten women was two and a half times less than that of top 10 male actors ($181 million for women versus $465 million for men). Ironically, half of all movie tickets are bought by women. So we are contributing equally to the industry's revenues, but our sisters in film aren't getting their fair share of the pie.

Sasha Stone, from Awards Daily has put together a very thorough infographic for the New York Film Academy, presenting the true, behind the scenes story of the women in American cinema, from the types of roles they play to the money they earn.

It's an eye-opener.




For the full infographic click here.


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