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Tuesday, February 18 2014

Happy Monday, Womenalias!

As part of our efforts to be more relevant to your needs, this week we are launching our Don't Miss series. Every Monday we'll give you a snapshot of the week's most important or interesting stories, so you'll always have a conversation starter in your pocket.


20140217-FTA-TOP-NEWS-OBAMACARE-obamacare-posterWeather Small Talk
As you prep the week, keep your weather apps, shovel and rain gear handy. The storms that have been disrupting the mid-winter breaks continue to badger the East Coast, as the US National Weather Service issues new storm warnings. Got a favorite Weather App? Share it with us in the comment section below.

Speaking about the weather, Secretary of State John Kerry has been all over the news for his statement calling climate change a "weapon of mass destruction." Kerry's keynote speech called for people to do more to curb the phenomenon, particularly Asian nations. His comments came at the eve of the Mount Kelud volcano eruptions in Java, Indonesia which have displaced 76,000 people.

Olympics & Gay Rights
Last week marked week 2 of the Sochi Olympics in Russia. As of Sunday evening, the US ranked 7th, with 16 medals, predominantly in freestyle skiing and snowboarding. Sochi began with a controversial start related to Russia's anti-gay laws. The US has also seen some controversy over LGBT rights, as yesterday President Obama criticized Uganda's anti-gay bill. While we try to defend gay rights overseas, there were 8 states that still did not have anti-discrimination laws in place. This week saw gay-rights at the forefront of US Politics, with Virginia leading the way to uphold same-sex marriage rights. Adding star power to the issue have been NFL's Michael Sam and acress Ellen Page who have publicly come out of the closet and raise concern over America's own struggle with discrimination.

Making Deals
Bitcoin has been making waves again, with delays and freezes of transactions, all in the name of protecting user confidentiality. Here's an infographic to try to make sense of the Bitcoin phenomenon.

Comcast, is already one of the nation's biggest cable distributers, and it's looking to get bigger by merging with Time Warner Cable. Such a merger would mean 38% market share. The announcement comes after Apple announced a partnership with Time Warner to launch Apple TV.

With the debate on minimum wage and the role of unions today, the rejection of workers to join the United Auto Workers Union at the Volkswagon plant in Tennessee can be seen either as a blow or as a call to re-evaluate the role unions will play in the future of the American auto industry.

Finally, as Pot emerges as a legit business across the nation, new questions arise on how to regulate the finances of what was once a purely underground economy.

Obamacare: Work in Progress
Stay up to date on the latest changes in Obamacare. The latest: employer deadlines for businesses with 50-100 employees has been extended an additional year. There has been new classification of businesses according to size, so it's important to be clear on how you categorize your employees and/or independent contractors.

Making the Nation Smile
America lost two icons of comedy: Sid Caesar & Shirley Temple Black who made their way into the hearts of a nation and changed the entertainment industry for ever.

Today is also President's Day! And behind every good man... 

The Daily News published a survey about the most popular first ladies. Elanor Roosevelt was the most loved first lady but, "MO" doesn't do so bad herself!

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