January is National Mentoring Month – Who are you Mentoring? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thursday, January 09 2014

Did you have a mentor?

In a heartwarming proclamation issued on New Year's Eve, President Obama declared January National Mentoring Month. He not only calls on Americans to lift each other up and take responsibility for our youth, he also celebrates the efforts of those who already serve to guide and inspire. "Become someone who matters to someone who matters" goes the campaign.


20140109-FTA-MENTORING-LEADERSHIP-MENTOR national-mentoring-month

What is mentoring?
Colin Powell and other celebrities from Maya Angelou to John McCain have joined the initiative to share the impact mentoring has had in their lives. It is an ideal way to give back to your community, share your knowledge and stay active.

Womenalia is based on the premise of mentorship; we believe in the power of connecting people and providing tools that guide professionals throughout their career. While National Mentoring Month is primarily focused on mentoring youth, the principles behind mentoring are the same.

Here are 10 reasons to become a mentor. You can apply them to mentoring a child or a junior colleague or young adult.

20140109-FTA-MENTORING-LEADERSHIP-MENTOR 10 reasons Become a mentor


So now the question is: who are you mentoring?

For more information on this initiative please visit www.mentoring.org


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