What Women Want at Work

Friday, January 03 2014

LinkedIn has published a global study in which it identifies what women want to achieve from their careers. Some points to hightlight:

Today 63% of the women questioned define a "successful career" as being able to create a good balance between work and home. This is in contrast to the results 10 years ago when a "successful career" meant a high salary to the majority of people.


Of the women interviewed, those in the two developing countries in the study, Brazil and India, indicated the highest level of satisfaction with their careers so far, with 88% and 94% (respectfully) rating it as successful.

The majority of women questioned agreed that it is possible to have a fulfilling career, relationship and children, and that having children would not slow down their career.

The biggest challenge to careers identified by the women was a lack of a clearly defined career path.

linkedin study inforgraphic

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