Top Jobs in 2014

Monday, January 13 2014

Every year studies come out that suggest the most important training for the future. We usually only pay attention to those that reference jobs that we already know about or which are more conventional.

However, the boom in new technologies has meant the creation of new positions that are practically unknown for those are in unrelated fields but which are in great demand and have tremendous potential. What are the new top professions for 2014?


20131227-FTA-JOBS-PROFESSIONALS-HR professionals-cv-silhouetteFinancial Analysts – Globally, financial analysts enjoy a constant demand, especially in the US. With an average salary of $37.34 per hour, according to a recent survey by Career Builder, it's one of the fields with greatest potentials. Financial Analysts are required to be specialized in finance and business management.

Native Language Trainers in Foreign Countries – The demand for native speaking trainers in foreign languages has increased all over the world. Native English and Spanish speakers are in great demand in Europe and Asia. It's best to know the local language to best integrate in the destination country. Proper training and licensing in your own mother tongue (TEFL for English) will also make it easier to be hired by reputable academies and institutions. Teaching foreign languages are less in demand, as native language teachers are prized professionals.

Programming Professionals – Industrial Engineers and Information Technology Engineer majors have the greatest job opportunities today. This is doubtlessly due to the surge in web platforms, mobile applications, and new software development that require professionals highly skilled in technology. Apple has been cited as paying developers up to $9 billion. It's now cool to be a geek!

Information Security – Specialized Programmers such as IT Security specialists have carved out an important growing niche in the job market. From Wikileaks to Snowden and Target's holiday data theft fiasco, it's no secret that data security has become an important issue and priority need for all organizations. Data Security Analysts plan, monitor and execute improvements related to security and data protection in networks, computers and other devices. Aside from having the obvious skills set and experience in IT, engineering and security technology, these professionals must also master the skills of multimedia communication, customer service, ethical hacking and forensic analysis.

20131227-FTA-JOBS-FUTURE-PROFESSIONS computer-technology-globe355Web Analysts, SEO Specialists – Optimizing web content and understanding the tricks to position sites in search engines are some of the most important skills required for web experts and analysts. The truth is that both are very connected. Both the measurement and implementation of positioning strategies are key for internet companies. As such, the knowledge set of these profiles are in great demand.

International Marketing Specialists – The techniques of online and offline marketing continue to form the main pillars of growth and business development for most companies. For this reason, the careers in marketing continue to be in top demand – but specifically for those professionals who are specialized in internationalization. Outsourcing, offshoring and the elimination of physical and geographical boundaries thanks to the possibilities offered by the internet guarantee marketing professionals a place in the future.

Psychologists and Coaches – Everything moves so quickly, stress, long work days and the lack of time to dedicate to balancing work and personal life have led to an increase in professions that have a long tradition such as psychologists and the birth of new one such as life coaching. These professions are in particular demand in big cities and business hubs, these careers require constant updating and contact with current business needs to be able to adapt their therapies.

Physical Therapists – According to job search platform CareerBuilider, Physical Therapists are in high demand. They have been incorporated into the staff of private companies internationally. They are seen as an added value for employees by organizations that seek to optimize productivity and work conditions by helping to keep the staff in good physical shape.

Why are these careers in such high demand? Is there a shortage of people willing to perform these responsibilities? Are they considered dirty work? Unappealing?

The answer is simple. These are still relatively new fields with few trained and skilled professionals. They offer new generations a wide range of opportunities to develop competencies and skills from the beginning that fulfill the requirements of these profiles.


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    Love it this article !!!! Is in order with the trends worldwide.
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