Public Speaking Tips [VIDEO]

Friday, May 02 2014

"People have to learn how not to immerse themselves in something like powerpoint, which is obnoxious for an audience." – Margo Krasne

20131218-fta-girl-with-microphoneEveryone talks about the importance of networking and having your sales pitch ready. If you're a natural born showman, it sounds easy enough. But what if you aren't comfortable speaking in public? What can you do?


Margo Krasne, author of Say it With Confidence, shares her own public speaking horror story and how she was able to turn things around in her favor. Her basics of communication are timeless.



Amelia is a professional People Person, dedicated to helping people communicate and realize their ideas. After various lives in her native New York City, she has spent the last 8 years in Madrid chasing sunsets and traveling when she can.
Photo credit: Andrea Rose
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