Pantene Whips Out Its Feminist Side

Monday, December 16 2013

Cosmetics companies are often berated for promoting unrealistic concepts of beauty, but this time Pantene has dared to speak out against gender stereotypes. In the ad created by BBO Guerrero in The Philippines, Pantene challenges the idea of masculine and feminine qualities.

20131216-FTA-EXECUTIVE-WOMAN-DIRECTOR355How many times have you heard an authoritative or decisive woman described as "bossy" (or worse)? Or rather, how many times have you heard a woman assigned "masculine" qualities when she is in a position of power?


Is ambition respected in a man but viewed as selfish and heartless in a woman?

Either way, the Pantene #WhipIt commercial boldly addresses our own prejudices when it comes to how we view our female peers once they've reached the top. It artistically juxtaposes men and women in the same setting (literally) and suggests how each can be differently viewed in the same situation.

Obviously, Pantene's slogan goes on to suggest that women can be successful, bold and take good care of their appearances all at the same time. In fact, the shampoo label known for the glossy hair toss has even gone so far as to create a #shinestrong campaign to highlight women who have overcome adversity.

Media and films often play on the idea of the beautiful but icy woman, or the geeky and ugly woman, not to mention the other type-casts that abound. It's a good time to take stock of our own role in perpetuating such two-dimensional concepts.



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