5 Apps To Help You Stay Connected

Monday, December 16 2013

With the holidays coming up many of us are traveling more and if you're lucky enough to be able to telecommute you might even be working more days from home or from another family member's place to take advantage of the days you do have off.  But staying connected can be a challenge even when there are more place and ways to do so.  Here are some apps that can make your life just a little bit smoother while pulling hours away from your office.

20131211 connectivity apps telecommuting smartphoneWi-Fi Finder. Need to escape the craziness at your in-law's? This app allows you to find free Wi-Fi “hotspots” wherever you are in the world. Search for hotspots in your area or look up a particular location and you'll never find yourself without enough data coverage again.


MashMe.tv. This online and iPhone app is in many ways similar to Skype. But how many times have you tried to set up a video call on Skype and you spend more time asking if the other caller can hear you? Mashme doesn't require you to download anything to use their online tool so there are no version issues.  Just send the URL to anyone you want to connect with and they don't even have to register or have an account.  You can also browse the internet together and share files with the other connected callers.

Documents to Go. At $9.99 for the standard version and $16.99 for the premium version, you can still easily access and edit your most important documents such as Excel spreadsheets, Word docs or PowerPoint presentations while away of your computer. It may not be the most comfortable thing to have to do from your mobile phone, but in a pinch it works, and from a larger tablet it's a great replacement to lugging around your laptop.

Dragon Dictation. Spending a lot of time in the car or just got your hands full wrapping gifts?  Typing out emails can be time-consuming and not very practical when you’re trying to get all those holiday cookies baked too. This free app quickly turns your speech into emails and text messages.

Dropbox. Have you ever been working on a project and realize you don't have access to that file on the company server you need to reference. Forget about asking a collegue to email it to you.  Before you lave town make a backup of those files and folders you need and you'll have easy access on your smartphone or tablet, as well as from any computer with internet access through its cloud platform.

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