Stress-Free Holidays

Monday, December 09 2013

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Holidays are known to be highly emotionally charged times – for good and for bad reasons. If you're hosting a family event, there is usually a healthy dose of additional stress involved. In fact, according to Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll Americans spend an average of 42 hours on holiday activities, in 2012 the average number of hours dedicated to holiday shopping alone was 19 hours. Of course that can be stressful. But it doesn't have to be.








Here are 3 rules to live by during this holiday season to make yours stress-free: 

 1. Health Comes First 
  • Get enough sleep! If your battery is running low, your patience will too!
  • Eat right! Take advantage of energy boosting foods.
  • While you are busy taking care of your family, give yourself a bit of lovin' too; set aside "me time".
  • Go for a massage the day before you host; trade in those oven mitts for a manicure.
  • Keep your normal exercise routine and diet.
2. Remember What The Holidays Are About  
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  • Focus on the true meaning of the holidays: gratitude and family.
  • Gift giving is about being thoughtful, not about money. Stick to a budget.
  • Be creative with your gifts – give experiences and moments not objects.
  • Start new customs, invite others and create new excitement.
  • Make it personal. There is no right way to celebrate the holidays, so keep those external expectations in check.
 3. Have Fun!
 20131204-HOLIDAY-SLEDDING-FAMILY sledding
  • Don't relinquish the things that make you happy. Meet with friends.
  • Think of the office part as a chance to get to know your colleagues better with a free glass of bubbly!
  • Plan games to play during your family gatherings.
  • Make time to enjoy the Christmas lights and see the light of day too!
  • Play your favorite holiday tunes to put you in a good mood.




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