NYC Chefs Cook Up Some Wisdom Over Calamari

Monday, March 31 2014

The kitchen is also known as a confessionary; it's a place to share secrets and wisdom while passing along tradition. Mario Batali guest stars on Eric Ripert's "On the Table," and the show is an amazing display of personal branding and business advice, paired with a healthy dose of social awareness.

Mario Batali, celebrity chef/entrepreneur, joined Le Bernardin chef/CEO Eric Ripert to make "2-Minute Calamari: Sicilian Lifeguard Style." In addition to the mouth watering recipe, what ensued was really a timeless guide to personal branding and success. The 2 celebrity chefs discussed time management, the importance of giving back, food stamps and failure.

How to Deal With Failure
As most entrepreneurs will find, it's not easy to get it right the first time. But knowing how to manage failure is key. Batali discusses his motivations for his different restaurants, underscoring the importance of staying true to yourself when embarking on a new project. He cites "folly and ego" as traps, especially when trying to create something outside your usual area of expertise.

"When you fall forward on your face, you are moving forward."
What's needed is the right team, the right leader as he was able to find in Mark Ladner who brought the necessary "thought process, technique and discipline." One pearl of wisdom stands out "When you fall forward on your face, you are moving forward". For Batali, as for most successful entrepreneurs, mistakes are part of the process.

In between ingredients Ripert skillfully interviews Batali and is able to pull out advice on time management: Batali's secret to juggling his culinary, writing and TV careers is designating specific times to work on different tasks – and being disciplined about it.

It's clear that Batali's in your face, down to earth, true to himself style are keys to his success. He is consistent and unapologetic –factors that define his personal brand.
Batali and Ripert Share Business Insights
Social Responsibility

Ripert highlights gratitude as the driving force behind the philanthropic work of successful people. Despite his brazen persona, Batali also shares his compassionate side. Giving and being socially responsible are important to him, as is being nice to wait staff: "Fundamentally, you don't have to take anything to really understand that you should give."

Batali advises that when choosing a charity it's important to focus your efforts on issues that are close to you. Both chefs are involved with separate New York City food charities: City Harvest and Food Bank, raising awareness about the hunger in our own backyard: in New York City alone 1.4 million New Yorkers rely on food pantries and soup kitchens to eat.

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Take a cue from these two men who have listened to their hearts, dedicated time to honing their craft and remembered to give back their community. Success as they define it is closely linked to being happy, doing what you love and learning from your mistakes. As always, you can learn a lot in the kitchen, and not just about food!

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