Mary Barra Takes The Wheel At GM [VIDEO]

Tuesday, December 17 2013

20131211-APT-BARRA-GM-CEO mary-barra355

GM has just made automotive history by appointing Mary Barra CEO.


Camero driving Barra was also listed as #35 on Forbe's 2013 list of the World's Most Powerful Women. Barra, a 33-year veteran at GM is respected in the industry for her straight-talk and no-nonsense approach to management.

Barra, 51, will be the first woman to lead a major US car company. However, she has breathed cars all her life; her father, Ray Makela, worked as a dye-maker at Pontiac for 39 years. In fact, she cut her teeth at the company, participating in their Co-Op program while studying for a degree in Engineering when she was 18.

Having worked in various departments, Barra is able to provide not only her engineer's mindset, but also a holistic and car-centric approach. She made waves with her "no more crappy cars" mantra and is clearly committed to the company. Her nomination by current CEO Dan Akerson, was accepted unanimously.

Since 2011 Barra has served as the Senior Vice President for Global Product Development. Here's what industry experts have to say about her appointment.



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