Adriana Cisneros, First Female CEO of A Major Hispanic Media Company

Tuesday, September 03 2013

Adriana Cisneros will be the third generation and the first woman to lead Cisneros, one of the largest privately held media, digital media, entertainment, telecommunications and consumer products organizations in the world.
MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Adriana Cisneros assumes the role of CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Cisneros after seven years at the company, the previous three as the company's Vice Chairman and Director of Strategy. Her focus will be on leading the digital and e-commerce initiatives alongside the real estate division.

Adriana Cisneros has made her mark by leading the company through digital and e-commerce developments, as well as developing new lines of business by creating strategic global partnerships and incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility within each business division.

"The most challenging part of my job will be to continue making the company grow at the speed my father did. Its success is owed in part to his extraordinary ability to almost immediately forecast the result of a business deal, and in part also thanks to his 30-year partnership with Steven Bandel, a great CEO who will continue as a member of my team of advisors," Adriana Cisneros stated.

It is important to highlight that during her tenure as Director of Strategy, she oversaw the transformation of television programming into 360° concepts, via digital strategies. Consequently, the new platforms became vehicles to attract greater audiences as well as offer new channels for advertisers, and developing new business models and content marketing.

Adriana Cisneros was responsible for the creation of Cisneros Interactive, the company's digital media division, focused on mobile and online advertising networks, e-commerce, social gaming, and crowd-funding. She also established the real estate division anchored by Tropicalia, a sustainable tourism real estate development in the Dominican Republic.

Adriana is the third generation to lead the company. True to an 85-year tradition, Adriana has led Cisneros in a management style that links business strategies with Corporate Social Responsibility, creating programs tailored to each of the business units. This has allowed her to also grow as one of the region's great promoters of entrepreneurship.

Adriana also serves on the board of various cultural and educational institutions including: Executive Committee Member and Director of the International Academy of Television Arts & Science (International Emmy's), member of the Board of Directors of PS1 MoMA, and the LA Philharmonic.

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