Yao-Hui Huang: Raising Entrepreneurs at The Hatchery [VIDEO]

Wednesday, May 28 2014

"There are 2 kinds of people in this world: Those who lead and those who follow. So, if you have to be told to do something, you'll never have the ideas to lead a group, to do something that's never been done, that has no set of instructions, and I think everyone can do that."   - Yao-Hui Huang, CEO, The Hatchery

20140430-int-financing-venture-capital-yao-huang-355The Hatchery has reinvented and inverted the incubator model. The organization incubator/venture capital organization aimed at making entrepreneurship easier, more collaborative and quicker. When Yao Huang started the organization she was primarily interested in trying to enlighten the process of building a company, to help shape leaders. After an impressive career and with several companies under her belt, she knows what she's talking about.


It may be surprising, but despite being a VC "shark," Huang's focus is always on people. For Huang "the success or failure of a company is based on who you pick in the very beginning." In her conversation with womenalia Huang discusses how to prepare to pitch your company to investors, build your network, and the importance of choosing the right people for your team.

There is no ladder; it's just, what do you want to do? What will make you happy? What is still unsettling that you still want to do? And when you accomplish that there's still more.

Most of the companies that Yao creates are in the IT sector, which she acknowledges is favored by the abundance of investors. According to Huang, "the problem with other sectors is the lack of investors. That is the thing that hinders entrepreneurship – is the ability to scale for additional funding. There actually are quite a large number of women starting business... but they think small, and as a result it becomes incompatible with venture funding. Venture funding basically is one where investors put a lot of money in and they expect a lot of money back. And in order for that to happen the company needs to grow very quickly in a very short time. Which somewhat is unnatural, but it's possible in tech companies. When someone is standing in front of me pitching, I think: Can this woman do that?"

Yao encourages everyone to "Step out of your job description to take something on even when you're not asked. I don't think anyone ever achieves the top of any pyramid. You just keep going and it's just a set of opportunities. There is no ladder, it's just what do you want to do, what will make you happy? What is still unsettling that you still want to do? And when you accomplish that there's still more. If you feel like you're completely done you haven't experienced your full self."

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