Working for Mom: Carolina Herrera de Báez Carves Out her Own Space in the Family Business [VIDEO]

Monday, March 31 2014

“Be humble – learn. Don’t feel the pressure that people will put onto you, because that pressure is not something that’s innate... if you’re there and doing things well, you’re meant to be there.” – Carolina Herrera de Báez

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Carolina Herrera de Báez, sometimes known as “Carolina Jr.”, opens up with Womenalia about working for mom, Carolina Herrera, and the expectations one faces in a family business. For her it’s easy – “Mom’s the boss and that’s that. It’s fun!” she explains. 

Herrera was the first of Carolina Herrera’s 4 daughters to become involved in the fashion empire. She says it happened by chance and circumstance, but to look at her already 17-year trajectory one might say it was fate that led her to collaborate with the perfume line.

Her advice to avoid becoming known as the “daughter of” is as follows: 

"From the very beginning, I made it very clear that I was there to learn." - CH

  • Be yourself
  • Be humble, seek advice and guidance
  • Commit & pull your weight
  • Know why you’re there
  • Establish /Define unique responsibilities
  • Have your own, separate life!

For Herrera, working with both her mother and sister (Patricia Lansing, Creative Director of the CH brand), is “cozy and comforting”. But it works seamlessly for the Herrera women because they are in different places, have different roles and know that they can “trust each other 100%”.

Are there disadvantages to working in the family business? Not for Carolina; she only sees advantages: “The disadvantages come when you’re little clones of each other, and you all want the same thing and you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and you don’t have a life but that. What's amazing about this is that we each have our own lives and then we have this link that in a way makes us closer." 


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