Marilyn Simes: A Fearless Woman in Tech

Monday, March 31 2014

"You cannot fear, you have to get up. Sheryl Sandberg is right – you have to lean in and you have to really learn to put those fears behind you because they're useless.

Fearing failure is useless energy, because it's not going to allow you to take a chance... You have to be fearless."

- Marilyn Simes, CEO, Lead Strategist, Digital Instincts

Marilyn Simes started Digital Instincts at the beginning of the internet phenomenon, following her own instincts and armed with a digital know-how few were privy to. 18 years later, Simes is still at the top of her field and has really carved out a niche for herself in mobile geo-technology.

Marilyn sat down with Womenalia to share her passion, her experience and above all, her fearlessness.


Simes believes in the power of mentorship and networking. She recommends women join an industry organization; here are some for women in advertising:

Digital Instincts is a global leader in cross-channel marketing solutions, pioneering digital campaigns that connect consumers with top brands, retailers and publishers. Since 1996, Digital Instincts has pioneered advertising campaigns across web, mobile/tablet, iTV platforms and social media.

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