Womenalia Welcomes US-based Users into Its Fold

Tuesday, July 30 2013

Only 20 months ago Womenalia was just the beginning of a project getting underway with great expectations. Today, Womenalia is a growing company that not only proves the solidity of its business model each day, but boasts a team of 28 full-time employees, 17 collaborators, 75 partners and over 226,000 users in 28 countries. The first social network for professional women, Womenalia, takes its first step today to becoming a truly international platform, launching its site in English for the U.S. market and aiming for 20 million users in 20 countries over the next five years.
We are happy to have you as part of the Womenalia community!

privateh slider Womenalia LaunchesWhat Is Womenalia and What Can I Find on the Network?
Womenalia is a collaborative online platform that, through social media and networking tools, brings women who share professional interests and needs together for a common purpose – increasing the visibility of women in the corporate arena and as entrepreneurs, business-owners and freelancers, and helping them to gain access to executive and management roles or to find professional success on their own terms.


So why do women need their own social network? Quite simply because, while women make up almost half of the labor force in the U.S. at 46.9%, there are still obstacles they face as they progress in their careers. Only 14.3% of Executive Officer roles are held by women , and only 29% of companies are women-owned.
Only 14.3% of Executive Officer roles are held by women, and only 29% of companies are women-owned.
This is the reality that Womenalia looks to change, and at a faster pace than it's currently happening. We aim to see not just more equal numbers in executive roles, on Boards and in other positions of influence and power, but that gender is no longer a determining factor in reaching one's professional goals, but is rather based on talent and equal access.

According to the World Bank, an increase in the numbers of female executives translates into an 18% increase in productivity both on a company and national level. However, today it is still necessary to provide women with extra support to reach their highest professional goals, as there are inefficiencies and obstacles that their male peers don't face in the same measure in doing so. For this purpose, Womenalia brings together in one online platform, all the tools that this group of professionals needs. Through their active online participation, Womenalia's users can improve their visibility, find new business or job opportunities and more effectively network both locally and worldwide, as well as find answers to their questions and resources to help in their daily work.

Through Womenalia we provide you with the first worldwide lobby of women professionals, as well as access to news, discussions, blogs, interest groups, resources, and more.

We will also be bringing more tools and sections to the U.S. – tools that have been successfully working on the Spanish site during these first 20 months. For example, our International Expert Council, an online advice and networking tool that allows Womenalia users to consult with experts from around the world about their professional and business goals, doubts and ideas in an innovative "low-cost" model. Also, our Womenalia Care guide, a social media based tool that helps the professional woman save time and money taking care of both herself and those important to her, and our job board, where companies and recruiters looking for top female talent can post job openings and opportunities.

Maria Gomez de Pozuelo, CEO of Womenalia, welcomes you personally to Womenalia:
"A big welcome to the first and fastest growing network for executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, business-owners and all other women with professional aspirations! It is thanks to us women, and by working together, that some of the greatest projects are launching worldwide. Womenalia is much more than just a social network – we are a movement with big goals, and it is thanks to you that we are taking the steps needed to reach our goals. If you've just joined the network I suggest that you start building your network, invite contacts and friends to join and start getting active on the Womenalia Wall and in those Groups that best fit your interests. Today is our first step towards bringing the Womenalia movement to the rest of the world, so we'll be adding more content and services in the coming months that we hope will help you in your day-to-day and professional development.

Thank you for joining this great network of professional women!"

Christina Chaplin, USA Development Manager adds:
"Womenalia is a space for professional women to define success on their own terms and to find the support and tools they need to reach those goals more effectively. We feel strongly that the strength created by unifying women, from all professional areas around the world, has the power to make a significant difference in society as a whole and the lives of each individual. We aim to be the conduit for that change, and facilitate the growth of all starting with the professional growth of women."

Womenalia - The 1st worldwide social network for professional women


Womenalia.com has a clear mission to create the leading Social Network for Professional Women that promotes the presence of women in executive positions, in the creation of women-owned businesses and the generation of self-employment. For this purpose, Womenalia provides professional women with an online collaborative platform that integrates social media, content and professional tools. Our goal is that our users can more quickly and effectively develop themselves as professionals, helping them gain visibility in their industries and functions.

Womenalia has been selected as a finalist in this year's edition of the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards. The final round, taking place in Deauville, France, in which the six winners will be selected takes place on October 17th.

Additionally, Womenalia was selected as one of the 21 startups among over 3,000 projects with the highest potential for development in the U.S. by Astia, an international non-profit that supports female entrepreneurship.

Womenalia.com currently has more than 226,000 users and is present on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as well.

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