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Grace Havalak: From Fashion Design to Photography Entrepreneur [VIDEO]

Monday, September 01 2014

Grace started her career in fashion, working as a fashion designer and pursuing her love of photography on the side. While the fashion world might seem glamorous to most of us, Grace soon tired of the endless administrative paperwork and arguing with factories about 1/8th inch errors on patterns. One might think that moving into fashion photography would be a logical change but the aloof and staged world of fashion photography was not what interested her.

20140901-int-Grace-HavalakShe started to go with friends to shoot weddings as an assistant photographer and fell in love with her true calling, capturing the emotion and excitement of one of the most special days for any couple – their wedding day.


“You go to art school thinking you’re going to go into a creative field, and they never really teach you anything about running a business, but for most creative fields if you go work for somebody else you’re never really ever going to make that much money. If you want to be successful you have to go out on your own.”

Getting started on building her own business, Grace turned to both online and offline communities of wedding photographers for support and ideas. “There’s a Flickr group called Starting a Wedding Photography Business which I think was the single biggest resource that I had in trying to build a business.”

“I spend a lot of time online in different photography forums, just looking at work and talking to [other photographers] about how they work.”

From covering her start-up costs, to getting your name out there and finding clients, learn in this video interview how Grace ventured into the world of wedding photography, starting a business, and how she transitioned from 9-5 to business-owner without collapsing from exhaustion in the attempt.

“Learning the photography and doing it well came pretty quickly to me… learning to start a business was a bigger challenge.”

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