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Digital Divas: Women And Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tuesday, March 18 2014

They have been the quickest to adapt to new technologies and the most influential when it comes to consumer behavior. Their behavior determines trends related to online shopping. Do you know who these Digital Divas are?

All you need to know about this group of women who are shaping the nature of online communication.


tech-socialmedia-online-ogilvy-digital-divasOgilvy and Microsoft recently teamed up to conduct a study of 9,000 women across 9 countries to understand the relationship between women and technology and their influence on social networks. Their study is titled Women in their Digital Domain and here's what they found out.

The Digital Diva:
Digital Divas are women who are the most connected and greatest lovers of technology in the world. They were the first to use the internet and dominate social networks (with the exception of LinkedIn). They are the self-described digital addicts who spend 1-2 hours each night navigating their various devices, although they are online 24/7.

  • They represent 18% of users
  • They are between 18 and 34 years old
  • 15% have a full-time job
  • 49% are mothers

They know what they want from brands and they expect more than a Facebook page or a mobile app. They want their lives to be made easier. Digital Divas are more likely to share their opinions on products and shopping experiences via digital channels such as product guides, social networks, blogs, emails, etc.

Globa Data:

  • 80% of Digital Divas have a smartphone
  • 36% use internet on their smartphone
  • 51% download mobile Apps
  • Are more than twice as likely than other women to use their social networks to shop, seek and share
  • One out of four have more than 900 contacts in their social networks.

What do Digital Divas want?
The study identifies 7 key elements that a diva expects from a brand:

  1. Curation: brands that find, organize and present their products and content in a relevant manner
  2. Convenience: those who facilitate shopping processes and make sites easy to navigate
  3. Solutions: they use social networks for customer service and to resolve their problems
  4. Synchronization: flawless connection between online and offline worlds
  5. Co-creation: a brand that's willing to share some of the control and give them space to be creative and take part in product development
  6. Experiences: after making a purchase, she wants good customer service and information
  7. Benefits: she want to benefit quickly from her online investment.

Divas are always connected, and their phones have become their new BFF.

Here's a look at the way women dominate Social Media, as presented by another study that tries to understand how best to mazimize the power of women online:

Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media
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