• Women make up over 58% of US college graduates and over 46% of the total US labor force.

    In spite of these figures, the percentage of women in top leadership positions in the US is only 18%

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Can You Spot a Disengaged Employee?

Wednesday, June 04 2014

Numerous studies have demonstrated that employee engagement affects an organization’s bottom line. Improved engagement results in increased productivity and profitability while improving employee retention and satisfaction. That means cutting mean using your most valuable asset – your people – to their full advantage. Research shows that engaged employees are consistently more productive, more profitable, safer, healthier, and less likely to leave their employer.

  • Christina Chaplin
    This is a very serious problem, and even more so when talent is scarce or the business is going through difficult times. Managers and HR need to work together to find ways to keep their teams motivated and working at 100%.
    Friday, Aug 1 2014 1:09:56pm
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