Microblading at a Glance

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So what is this very popular beauty treatment that everyone keeps raving about? Is it safe? Does it involve surgery? Are there any side effects? Is it effective and pocket-friendly? Well, the answer to all this is a big YES. Microbladng  in the simplest sense is a semi-permanent makeup procedure where hair-like incision strokes are created along the eyebrow to attempt to enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows.

When it comes to this unique “art” it is very important to get it right and this means learning from a professional. Today, we are fortunate to have a world-renowned micro blading artist Irina Chen who is also the founder of the award-winning microblading academy – World Microblading. Over the last decade or so, Irina has worked hard to transform how the world looks at microblading and today, her institute not only renders the service but also teaches to those who wish to make a career in it. At the institute, microblading is done manually by using a very fine blade to deposit pigments in the epidermis of the skin. Since the strokes are fine and close to each other, the result is bold, natural brows. With microblading, the effect can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years depending on person to person.

If you are looking at microblading from a career point of view, then it can be a really rewarding one. At world microblading, you have 4 options to get trained as a microblading expert:

  • 3-day Microblading Basic Training
  • 5-day Microblading Intensive Training

As per the choice of course selected, World Microblading gives you confidence, allowing you to practice using the best microblading tools and microblading supplies. At World Microblading, you can practice on live models, learn the dual-blade method for natural-looking brows, learn tattoo correction, get unlimited lifetime support and of course, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Once a professional, you can start working on clients after getting the needed confidence and its only up-hill from there! An average microblading procedure easily costs between $450 to $800 and only two hours to complete. So even if a microblading technician treats 1 client in a day (20 in a month) that easily makes a figure of $15,500 before overheads and taxes. So going forth in this manner is obviously do-able and can easily pave way for bigger numbers, depending upon the number of treatments that one is able to provide.

When it comes to microblading, everything from the microblading tools to its supplies requires careful purchasing to ensure quality and worth the money spent. World microblading also features an array of microblading supplies and tools that one can pick and which are guaranteed to make your job very easy. Everything from pigments, shading tools, rings, blades and guide sheets can be procured from their online store.

Lastly, the fact that Irina and her team offer a lifetime support feature once you’ve been a student of the academy goes a long way! So, thus microblading may seem a little bit of a challenge initially, once you get past the learning stage and practice religiously, making a career in it will be the best decision ever!

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