Is Microblading is The Best Choice For You

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The fashion industry is continuously raising up its standards and technological advancements pushes it more to a higher pedestal. Eyebrows microblading is one such miracle of modern technology that makes the feathery tattoo look realistic.

Why microblading?

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are desired by many, but they are not an easy foot, only a chosen few are gifted with a beautifully crafted natural pair while others have dense or sparse hair which are either mismatched in shape or over plucked by the beauticians at salon. So, pinning Hope’s on microblading is a better choice.

Eyebrows microblading is a technique that designs semi-permanent tattoos which employs real brush strokes to give more realistic and hair-like appearance that matches the best.

Facts and queries about eyebrows microblading :-

  1. Is microblading safe ?

    • Yes, microblading is safe and is almost a painless event but if pricking of needles makes you squeamish then too you don’t need to worry because numbing cream is applied throughout the procedure and before making any incisions on your brow line.

    • Pain tolerance is different with different people, but it doesn't feel more than tiny scratches etched on the brow line.

    • Anxiety and fear are obvious for the first-time users but it’s not that bad as expected.

  2. How long does it last ?

    • Eyebrows microblading does not last forever as it makes use of semi-permanent tattoo. It may last anywhere from three to twelve months or one to 3 years depending on the quality of pigment used, though it requires a touch-up every month to maintain its color and shape.

    • The tiny needles used in microblading does not penetrate the skin deeply because of the ink from microbladed eyebrow fades away.

  3. Selection of a microblader.

    • Selecting a microblader is very important because not all microbladers are created equal so there is no need to get the best deal or book the cheapest artist since the best bet would be going to the right person in first place.

    • Select an esthetician or cosmetologist that possesses a background in skincare and is certified by the concerned authorities.

  4. How long does the microblading procedure take?

It is a simple two session procedure which includes the initial appointment and the follow-ups.

● Initial appointment: - This session takes about a couple of hours where the tattoo artist does the documentation and identifies the natural brow shape along with the underlying skin tones so that she can design that eyebrows that best matches your face shape.

The tattoo artist will ask you about your eyebrows preferences and accordingly she will map out the brow shape which is thick or thin, arched or subtle based on your facial symmetry.

● The follow-ups: - This session is done one to three months later which gives ample time to the skin healing process, another touch-up is given to maintain the color and strokes.

  1. How much is the cost of microblading?

Microblading may charge anywhere between $ 400 (USD) to $ 800 (USD) for the entire procedure and $ 200 (USD) to $ 400 (USD) for monthly touch-ups.

  1. Following after-care and healing instructions.

    • Your brow area might turn pinkish and swollen because of the needle strokes so healing in the first week is crucial.

    • Avoid steamy showers and rigorous exercises at gym because sweat can change the pigment color.

    • Avoid outdoor events and always apply sunscreen to prevent tattoo fading.

    • Avoid use of exfoliants and acid-based skin products.

    • Apply aquaphor or Vaseline to your brows to safeguard against harsh chemicals.

    • Access your health before opting for microblading because there may be complications if you are diabetic or if you are on blood thinning medications.

You can book your appointment with Worldmicroblading because it is Americas number one microblading academy. Stashing away the living visits was never so easy but before opting for microblading considered the various aspects and consult with your doctor if microblading is the best choice for you, it's always a better decision to look beautiful in a safe way.

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