Antwerp, a gourmet city

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The Dutch-speaking city of Antwerp is a must if you want to visit Belgium. During the evening you can easily walk through the city to find a restaurant. A reason to immediately fall in love with it. Because of the multilingual character of the city, it is very easy to make yourself understood in Antwerp: although the main language is Dutch, German, French and English will do just fine. The city is very friendly for tourists and is not that big, so the sights described below can be visited in three days. There are plenty of accommodations in Antwerp, from cheap to expensive it is no problem to find something in your price range.

The Grote Markt in the old town

If you walk across the Grote Markt in Antwerp, it's easy to find a good restaurant. You'll also notice the beautiful architecture here, making this place your favourite place in the city. The Cathedral of Our Lady is truly magnificent and this has not escaped Unesco's attention: the tower is listed as a World Heritage Site. The cathedral is also an easy meeting point in case you've lost each other in this part of the city. Of course you should also have seen the statue of Silvius Brabo, the official symbol of Antwerp. In front of the city hall we can admire it. Legend has it that it was a Roman soldier who cut off the hand of the giant Druon Antigoon.

The Chocolate Line Shop at Grand Meir Palace

Belgium and chocolate, it's a tandem. The Chocolate Line is a wonderful shop where you can buy all kinds of delicious chocolate: handmade chocolates with cannabis, bacon, or cigar flavor. Located at Palace on the Meier number 50, a must for worshippers of black gold. Take the opportunity to admire the Palace on the Meir, a former 18th-century Royal Palace.

Basement restaurants and beer tasting

Basement restaurants in Antwerp are a real treat. They look like dungeons and you can find everything from French and Belgian to medieval cuisine. Book a table at "Pelgrom" where you can eat the traditional medieval dishes with a ladle and with your hands (!) and you can taste 4 different kinds of Belgian beer combined with cheese for less than ten euros. Also the restaurant "Estro Armonico", another basement restaurant, not much further away, is very worthwhile because of its Belgian cuisine.

Antwerp Central Station

Did you know that Antwerp has one of the most beautiful train stations in the world? This 19th century building is one of the three most beautiful train stations. Even if you don't need this station on arrival or departure, go and have a look, you won't regret it. It is not for nothing that this station is also called the Railway Cathedral. Definitely worth a few pictures.


Invincible is a hip restaurant located in the heart of Antwerp with Belgian-French cuisine. Here you can see exactly what they are doing in the kitchen. An aperitif bar and a small dining room with six tables create an almost homely atmosphere where the aromas fly from one table to the other.

Goossens Bakery and Philip's Biscuits

Finally, two recommendations for real sybarites. The Goossens bakery has existed in Antwerp since 1884. According to the local population, bread is the best here. The butter cakes and coffee cakes are not to be forgotten either. A tiny shop where they always line up in the morning: a good sign! 

Right next door is Philip's Biscuits, also very popular with the inhabitants of the city. Don't forget to buy Antwerp hands here, an excellent gift for family or friends when they come home.

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