The Practice of Packing Light

Charity Yoro

The women of The Practice of Packing Light are on a mission to defy the "more" lifestyle, and the misconception that we will never be or have enough. We believe that living with less, both in the material and the intangible, can lead to a richer and fulfilling existence. We certainly can't ignore money and pretend it doesn't exist. As women especially, we need to know how to make it, keep it, grow it, and share it--essentially, how to manage and steward it effectively. Not only do we provide personal budgeting, investing, and start-up business advice, but we also offer clever and practical savings tips that can be applied daily and in many aspects of life, such as budget travel. The Practice of Packing Light is more than a blog, it's a mindset. And we all need that paradigm shift. High unemployment and changing job markets create a universal need for us all to be more creative, entrepreneurial, and resourceful with what we have. We want to provide a space to help people not only achieve their own personal wealth, but to revisit their ideas about what wealth and riches really are to them, on an individual and personal level.