How to Convert My Email to PDF

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Nowadays, the conversion of email files into PDF format is common to all users of various email clients but some users are still searching for the procedure through which they can convert their emails into PDF files so that they can manage them easily.

In this session of discussion, we will discuss about the conversion procedure of EML to PDF file format as it is noticed that most of the users are using EML based email clients like Windows Live Mail, Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other email application. By reading this article you can know the exact way of conversion through which you can get the answer to your query that is how to convert my email to PDF file.

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I am trying to save Windows Live Mail generated EML files as PDF file format but I have no idea to perform this king of conversion process. Is there any method through which I can do this process and convert the EML file to PDF format?

How can I read EML files in PDF format? As I am using Thunderbird as my email client and save emails of such application in EML format to transfer it in my mobile but I cannot view them so want to convert them in PDF file format so that I can view them in my mobile easily.

How to convert my email to PDF? I have many EML files that contain important data in the text and as well as non-text form. Can this conversion happens without any loss of data?

Manual Method to Convert EML Files into PDF Format

You can utilize this method of conversion if you have some EML files and those EML files should not contain any non-text item as through the use of this way non-text items of EML files may be removed or deleted permanently.

  • First, search that EML file which you want to read in PDF format then select it and then right-click on the selected file.
  • Then you can use the appeared menu from which you have to select Open With option.
  • After that, opt for MS Word application to one selected file.
  • Through the utilization of the File Menu section of MS Word, go with Save As option.
  • Select the path where your file will be saved after conversion and then choose PDF from the Save As Type option.
  • Hit on the Save button to start the conversion process.
  • Now, your EML file can be viewed in PDF file.

You are required to have exact knowledge of this conversion method to follow these steps of working as it has some options which can be utilized by only technical user. If you have EML files with a lot of data including both text and non-text data then you should go with EML Converter which can be utilized by any user to know the exact solution of the question that is how to convert my email to PDF with all details of such email files.

Automated Solution to Convert Batch EML Files to PDF File Format

Automated software that is EML Converter can easily process all EML files and convert them into PDF file format along with attachments, images, hyperlinks, header information, etc. This software allows you to convert selective files as this contains some filtration options like date range filter, from filter, to filter, cc filter, bcc filter, and subject filter. For attachments of EML files, it has advanced options through which you can get your file attachments in the desired manner.


With reference to this discussion, it is clear to all users that the manual procedure has some limitations and can give irrelevant resultant converted files. For the exact conversion process, you can try the automated solution which has all features through which one can get answers of all queries like how to convert my email to PDF format, how to transfer EML files into PDF file format. This tool allows the user to convert EML to PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG and many other format of files. You can try this software with its free demo edition which can transfer the first 20 EML files as all files can be converted by only licensed edition.