Online Flower Business Success Tips That You Must Follow

Elison Evan Expert Reviews


We are living in an age when everything from gadgets to perishable goods can be purchased online. Chances are, even if you have made a couple of purchases from Amazon and other Ecommerce sites.

The flower industry also needs to adapt to the digital age. In recent years, employment in flower shops has decreased by at least 3% as large flower companies have shifted their efforts on building their florist business online. 

So whether you have a go-to flower shop location or you are running a florist business from home, you should definitely work on bringing your business to customers who are searching online. Consumers do their research online and look up testimonials, pricing options, unique floral arrangements, industry experts, and the best deals. If you want to nurture your business, consider these tips:

Focus on your geographical location

Local businesses have better prospects as to price and reaching their customers, given that they nurture an online presence too. Unless you are a large company with shops or third-party partners worldwide or on a national scale, it is best to focus your efforts on a small geographical level. 

Opt to market to your townspeople and to the consumers who are looking for a florist business in the area. Often, consumers look for florists that are near them so they can expect same day flower delivery, convenience, and the freshest blooms. Local flower shops also ensure a shorter time frame between ordering and delivery. When advertising online and creating your website, market on a local scale.

Establish yourself as an expert

The general public looks to florists as their resource of everything flower-related. From what type of flower best fits a certain personality to what flowers to choose for an apology bouquet and how to increase the vase lifespan of flowers, indeed your knowhow as a florist is needed. You can run a blog to show your knowledge in the industry.

Consumers are also need a plethora of options at their local flower shop or online florist business. They want a selection of flower bouquets, potted flowers, cut flowers, and various arrangements. Customers who enjoy variety and are looking for something unique for their event or as a gift will scout for promising florists for inspiration.

Further, consumers trust that you have the best suppliers in the industry. This ensures the flowers will be sold at reasonable rates. Opt to source your flowers direct from local flower farms and wholesalers so you can sell the flowers at a good price. 

Pinpoint your niche and target demographics

Instead of attempting to meet the needs of the general public, you can focus on providing the demand of a certain demographic. With online marketing tools, you can find out which age group, occupation, and which occasions you have the highest demand for. 

Once you’ve pointed out your key demographic, optimize your internet ads to reach these types of consumers. For instance, if you find you are passionate about wedding décor and you have a high demand for wedding flowers, you can work with wedding coordinators. 

You can also work with corporations, local businesses, hotels, event venues, and funeral homes to reach your target demographic. However, keep in mind that working with these vendors also means paying them commission fees that can mark up the prices of your floral arrangements. Nevertheless, they can help provide a constant stream of customers for your business.

Work with an internet expert

Florists already have tons of workload and long hours on a daily basis. Big events require lots of planning and a full staff to ensure all the orders are delivered according to specifications, on-time, and at the right place.

Consider working with an online expert to create and run your business. You can also sell your flowers through a common marketplace like BloomNation or any similar company like GoDaddy GoCentral Online Store that sells the goods of local, independent flower shops. The company may get a certain percentage from every sale. Still, they help rev up your sales in your local area.

Choose a catchy business name and logo

If you are just starting out in the florist business, give careful consideration to your business name. Ensure the name you come up with is fit for a flower shop business. 

Your logo is also an essential when growing your business online. Consider working with a graphic designer to create a catchy logo for your florist business. Be sure to incorporate flowers in your business name and logo.

Choose an appropriate domain name

A domain name builds credibility to your site. Your domain name or website address should carry your business name and should be short and memorable. 

Opt for a unique business name with no similar domain names for .com online. While you may opt for .shop or .florist at the end of your domain name, your customers may be sidetracked to a different florist business when they search for your business name on the internet. 

Allow customers to shop for flowers online

Your website should be optimized by an online expert to work flawlessly on any mobile device as well as on PC. Prioritize customer experience and security (opt for an https website and a secure checkout system) when they are on your website. Also consider the following:

  • Visuals- You will also need someone with good photography skills to capture your flowers on display so you can use them for your online catalog. If you are tight on budget, opt to hire freelancers. You can also DIY with a good DLSR camera and an affordable light box.

  • Design- Highlight custom creations in a variety of colors. You can use flowers in season as well as exotic flowers to entice customers. Pinks and reds are often seen in most flower shops, even online. Hence, a colorful and unique display using different shades and hues is seen as more appealing.

Tracking- Finally, keep track of floral arrangements which are your bestsellers. Also monitor the success of your local deliveries. You can also encourage feedback from satisfied customers. You can even utilize feedback from unsatisfied customers to your advantage when you are able to provide excellent customer service and fixed their complaints in the quickest time possible.