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Children at an early age don’t understand the difference between the usual entertaining games and educational games and it took me a while for me to figure this out and apply my understanding of this to how I can turn the gaming time into something educational for my kids.

One of the 21st-century struggles of parenting is controlling the exposure of electronics to your child and often parents become a bit over-controlling of the situation and forbid kids from the electronics altogether. This controlling technique only increases the temptation of gadgets in children more and kids end up overusing the gadget as a result of a rare occasion or start sneaking the devices in the room. Then there would just be a deception of control over the kids. Children are more attracted to the gadgets and the animation rather than the game itself. 

I have long heard of this struggle even before I became a dad and as my time came, my wife wanted me to be the bad cop about electronics. Yeah, smart move lady! Anyway, I was already ready to perform a prolonged experiment on my children. As my first child grew I became extremely strict and controlling about the gadgets and the more controlling I was the harder it was to handle the situation and the obsessive behavior of my child with electronics. At the time of my second child, I was pretty lenient but carefully controlling about the gadgets and trust me, people it was one of the most appropriate approaches. 

Here’s what I have learned: Gaming is fun for kids and your opinion should be objective in this regard. It’s okay if you grew up playing basketball with dad but your child wants to grow playing games with you. Secondly, ask your partner to pitch in from time to time so your orders don’t get unpopular and unheard in the house. 

The responsibility of choosing the games is entirely on me. Moreover, I must play and interact with the kids as well and I’m sure your dads understand the struggle to avoid the urge of selecting the cool fighting and gruesome games that you and the kids would enjoy but it is highly inappropriate for the age. It’s harder than it sounds to look for educational games but fortunately and I was so relieved to find a website of Ipad kids games. The website is not a traditional paid recommendation website for games. 

This website is developed by a concerned dad like us about his children’s gaming habits. The author of the website writes blogs about appropriate educational games his sons play. These games are tried and tested already. The detail about the game includes age group, video of a kid playing, how the game works and why you should download it for your child which is truly amusing and surreal. I honestly feel forever in debt of this guy whose adding greater good in parenting techniques.

The website helps me to let kids play skill developing games as a dessert (positive reinforcement) for the chores they were asked to do.

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