How to Organize Stress Free Air Travel with Kids

Elison Evan Expert Reviews


As new parents have you started to avoid traveling through the air because it will be full of hurdles and situations can go out of your hand pretty quickly. It’s a long way before kids grow up and are mature enough to handle themselves in a mature way and even then your attention is needed. 

We understand your concerns but you can’t just miss out on the amazing holidays or festivals and important events. Since we are aware of the problems we have come up with some tips and tricks to help you organize a stress-free air journey. Our strategies mentioned below are a sum up from experienced mothers and even flight attendants who deal with kids on a daily basis, some of whom are mothers as well. 

  • Plan your flights: 

Flight departures in the early morning are usually less crowded and less delayed which is an ideal situation whether your kids are infants, toddlers or young. Crowded places often make children uncomfortable or it can be hard for you to chase them among the crowd while yelling “excuse me”. Kids usually fall asleep again in early morning flights since you wake them up in the middle of the night to get ready. 

  • Communicate: 

Many mothers say that kids behave better when they know what is expected from us what they should expect from the place. If your kids are old enough to talk to them about travel plans and destinations. Communicate what airports are about and what should be their best behavior around a lot of strangers they might be spending hours with. 

  • Smart packing:

 Traveling with kids means carrying a lot of stuff: clothes, diapers, snacks, and everything. A smart way of packing is to keep your things as organized as possible. Pack with priorities in the mind, meaning the things that will be possibly needed more than the other things or your kids might dig in the bag to find it. Other than organizing stuff according to priorities you should always have enough favorite snacks of your kid because the airline food might not interest them and up in the air, the options are very limited. You should also opt for things like wet tissues rather than carrying both sanitizer and tissues. Along lines remember not to overflow stuff  that you have to carry this stuff throughout the journey 

  • Air - pressure: 

Air pressure is the most annoying thing in the air journey for everyone and since kids usually can’t understand the phenomena it can prove to be painful for them and make them extremely cranky. To tackle this situation we advise you to make them drink water just after some time of take-off and again during 10-45 minutes of descent because swallowing helps with the pressure release in the ears. 

  • Best travel system:

Before traveling search up the best travel system like airlines who are lenient with the passengers who are accompanied by children, the airline with the best and humble customer service should be your ticket. Seat your kids away from the outer side as the cratering cart can be dangerous.