Top 5 Methods to Fix Common Exchange Database Problems

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Exchange Server Database is the most important and vital application to process the functioning of Outlook. If there is any server side problem in Exchange Database, then the first step is to look for EDB files. Problems in EDB files might be because of database. In most of the cases, to repair EDB files dismounting and mounting of database is required.

Many users have experienced various issues while mounting database on server. Common causes of this problem and their fixes are given below. Knowing these issues will help in maintaining Exchange Server Database and improvement in performance of exchange server.

Reasons Why Exchange Database is not mounting includes

  • Low space in database

  • Corruption of Database

  • Missing log files in exchange server

  • Database Mount Error (hr=0x8000405, ec=-501)

  • Mismatch of time in Database when comparing with Active directory

  • Database Error (JET_errFileAccessDenied, Cannot access file, the file is locked or in use)

Fix DB Mounting Issues in Exchange Server

Check out the Top 5 methods to solve database problems in Exchange Server.

Large Database Size

Large size of database is always one of the major problems in Exchange Server. If the files are not properly organized it leads to mismanagement of space on the drive. To fix this problem

  • Copy log files to another directory

  • Turn on the circular logging to flush log files

  • Now the database will be mounted successfully

  • Now disable circular logging and take full backup of data

Log Files Missing from Database

Some time Exchange Administrator’s delete the log files accidentally, which turn out to cause mounting issues in database. To overcome the missing log files in DB, copy the log files to another directory and then turn on circular logging to flush log files. Try to mount database again and the log files will also appear.

Time Mismatch Error between DB and Active Directory

The time mismatch error is displayed as ‘JET_errDbTimeCorrupted -344 The dbtime on the current page is greater than the global database dbtime’. This error is returned by the directory manager. To resolve this

  • Type the command eseutil/d

  • This will defragment the database

  • Once completed, move the existing mailboxes to new Exchange database

Database Error hr=0x8000405, ec=-501

To remove this error follow the given steps

  • Run the command eseutil/p in console

  • Except the .EDB file, move other files to another folder

  • Now try to mount database on the exchange server

JET_errFileAccessDenied, Cannot access file, the file is locked or in use

The error is caused generally when the request to access a file is made is already in use or some application is holding it.

  • Run the eseutil/p command

  • This will free up the file and you can mount the database on server

By above methods, you can solve the Exchange Server database problems. This will reduce the risk of EDB file corruption and boost the performance of Exchange Server.