The best way to Convert MS Access to MySQL Database

Pariksha Martin techgirls


MDB files are the storage format of MS Access Database. The records, tables and other important data is saved in MDB database files and if the same data is required in an application that uses MySQL then DBA’s can export data to MySQL. It eliminates the administrator’s problems to copy one data table to other as the entire files are exported at once. The database administrator can take help of DRPU MS Access to MySQL converter to export files.   

DRPU Database converter is an easy to use tool, it’s simple and intuitive behaviour migrate the files from one form to another without any error. The tool migrates all the data from the database and complete migration in quick steps. DRPU database converter is completely flexible, reliable and easy to manage.

Qualities of DRPU Database Converter from MS-Access to MySQL

Migrate Encrypted Database Files: Generally, software’s does not have the feature to export password-protected file, and thus users have to find some alternate means, but DRPU MS Access to MySQL software transfer the data hassle free. It asks for the password and after verification, encrypted MDF files are moved to MySQL.

Transfer Complete Database Files: Database works by synchronization of multiple files and if a single content is not present then it fails to execute the query. To avoid these situations the database migration tool, ensure each and every component is exported to MySQL including table, views, indexes, keys, values.

Database Content Support: The database migration software support all the data types, attributes, key constraints, values, null values, constant values, Keys, and indexes. It migrates the data with the same table structure format, to avoid data fetching problem in MySQL.

Selective Database Conversion: A single database has lots of components and these components have their own functions. DRPU MS Access to My SQL converter give DBA’s the option to transfer convert database definitions only, convert views only, indexes only or export all items.

Select Tables or Views to Migrate: When the connection between MS-Access and MySQL is made, it previews the contents of MS-Access. So, database migration software let users select specific tables and views for migration. Users can checkmark the file and then export to MySQL database.

Compatibility: DRPU Database converter for MS-Access to MySQL can be used for migration from MS- Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 to MySQL 8.0, 5.7, 5.6, 5.5.

So, these are some of the Qualities of Database Migration software. Now check how database components are exported from MS- Access to MySQL database.