Move Emails from On Premises Exchange Server to Another

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MS Exchange is one of the best tool to communicate and send emails. However recent updates and introduction of Office 365 lead users to migrate from Exchange to Office 365 and Exchange to other Exchange. So, one can manually transfer the data or use a sophisticated Exchange server. So, try the Kernel migrator for Exchange and export your files 

Advantages of Exchange Server

  • Migrate Exchange Server in different Exchange version
  • Migrate data from Hosted Exchange Environment or On-premises Exchange
  • Comes as Pre-Migration Analyzer
  • Check the migration process with between source and target 
  • Get notifications for Exchange migration
  • Divide the load among agents
  • Undo migration process

These are the qualities that make the Exchange server as the best migration tool. Try Kernel Exchange Server Migration and move files using the below-given steps

Steps for Exchange Mailbox Migration

The Kernel Exchange to Exchange migration tool uses the two steps method

Pre-Migration Analysis of Exchange Server

  • Start the software for Exchange Migration and select the Job among 'Exchange Server' and 'Office 365'
  • Enter the username, password, number of load agents and proceed next
  • Select the mailboxes/ public folders for migration
  • Verify the details and then click Finish
  • The software will identify and analyse the migration
  • It will show the report, items migrated and status
  • Check details and close it

This enables the migration of Kernel Exchange Server to analyse the folders and then the user can begin the actual migration of Exchange files to another server

Migrate Exchange Mailbox with Kernel Exchange Migration

  • Start the tool and enter the 'Project Name'
  • Now type the Job name for Exchange migration
  • Select the Source from which files are to be migrated among Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange and Office 365
  • Now enter the Domain controller Name/ IP
  • Provide the Username, Password and select Exchange
  • There is also the option to use the existing profile, click on Next
  • The list of mailboxes will appear, select the ones you want to migrate
  • If you have already map the data in CSV file, then import the data from there
  • Select the destination mailbox, choose to migrate to the same domain, multiple exchange with the same domain, different domain, Office 365 and hosted exchange
  • Enter the username, password, and Exchange version
  • Validate the details and press next
  • You can add the filter according to date range, Folders, and other parameters
  • Map files from source mailbox to the destination mailbox
  • Select synchronize migrated mailbox as 'Both Ways'
  • Skip mailbox if bad item count exceeds to '50'
  • Enter the email address for Job start and stop notification, completion notification, MAPI error, bad count notification and mailbox migration start and complete notification
  • You can also select a time where you want to deny/ permit migration
  • Select the option to run migration now or schedule it to specific date and time
  • Choose 'Existing User' to report console 
  • Proceed Next and click on 'Finish button'
  • The Kernel Exchange Migrator will start the migration and move it to the assigned mailbox
  • When the migration gets complete, you can check the data

Try, Exchange server migration software from here and get a chance to export your files for free.