How to Migrate from Groupwise Archives to Office 365

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Office 365 performance is a better application than Groupwise and it is more secure too. An added advantage to Office 365 over Groupwise Archives is it’s user-friendly database. So to transfer from Groupwise Archives to Office 365 you can use manual method or automatic method with software.

Manual method should be followed carefully as it requires several steps and any mistake could halt the migration process. So if the organization is thinking to transfer from Groupwise to Office 365 then follow the below-given steps

Transfer Groupwise Archives to Office 365

The general steps to be followed is

  • Clear the current mailbox in Groupwise
  • Move Archive emails to current mailbox
  • Migrate the mails in the current mailbox to office 365

Few things to be noted here before starting the process is to check if the previous migration was incomplete or unsuccessful and you have never archive emails then these not apply to you

  • Login to your Groupwise e-mail client application
  • Check that mails in the current mailbox are transferred to Outlook, it is very important as while transferring the emails in current mailbox will be deleted and only archives will be left so be sure and confirm there are no mails in Groupwise and they have been transferred to Outlook
  • Select any mail available in mailbox and press CTRL+A
  • Delete all the mails except in the archived folder
  • Now also delete the mails available in sent items, starred mails and in any other folder
  • Check that all the folders in Groupwise are deleted except an empty mailbox and original built-in Groupwise folder
  • Now click on the ‘Online’ button at the top of window, click on the Archive
  • You will be directed to an existing archive folder

Moving Groupwise Archive Mails to Current Folder

  • The next step is to un-archive mails
  • Go to Groupwise Archive Folder
  • Select any mail/message and press CTRL+A to select all the emails
  • Now right click on the selected folders and un-check the Archive checkbox
  • Un-archive all the emails in folder and sub-folders

Un-archived Email from Intermixing

  • It is better to remove all the un-archive mails to a single folder
  • Exit the archive window by clicking on the Archive button
  • Now create a new folder to store Groupwise mails
  • Now re-initiate migrating from Groupwise to Outlook
  • Login to Office 365 and check all the mails are transferred

For easy transfer of files download Novell Groupwise to Exchange converter and move files from one account to cloud-based Office 365 account. The software is compatible with all the version and is easy to use.

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