Best Project Management Tool with Time Tracker for Employees

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Project Management is the most important part of the industry or it could be said that the value of an enterprise relies on project management. So, it could be understood how much it is necessary to properly handle a project. Besides using the manual methods it is always recommended to use a project management tool that suggests ideas about better management and TimeLive Timesheet Software perfect fits the category.

As usually understood by name Timelive is an employee time-tracking software and it is a part of project management. Understanding the efficiency and productivity of an employee is must for a project manager and TimeLive monitors the employee performance effectively. The Timesheet tool from TimeLive serves more than just a tracking software and also work as a project management tool

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Qualities of TimeLive Timesheet Software

Set Approval Path for Project: From planning, designing to manufacturing and packaging the Timelive Timesheet tool helps in creating a project approval path. Managers can create approval points and designate them to authorised persons. So, when the planning phase gets complete notification will be sent to the design team lead, who will approve it and proceed next. There is no need to send manual emails. The same path can be taken in use if the same project comes later.

Receive Email notifications for Project: As a part of the project development cycle, a product goes through several phases. Timelive Timesheet tool sends email notifications to allotted members for pending tasks and approval to avoid delay in manufacturing.

Comply with DCAA Guidelines: TimeLive Timesheet software comes with DCAA guidelines so that the product can be manufactured with a simplified audit process in an intuitive manner. So, the software helps project managers in the audit process.

Proper Project Management: The Timelive Timesheet software ensure smooth and error-free project management. The tool manages your projects with ease. The tool executes the process with all calculations and notifications defined in the project cycle.

Reporting: While submitting the project, the client always ask for report, the Timelive Timesheet tool lets users create customized reports with complete details in a single click.

Additional advantages of Timelive Tracking tool are expense tracking, attendance and leave functionality and Quickbook transfer.