Must Have Knives Present In A Good Kitchen Knife Set

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When picking a kitchen knife set, you need to understand the overall quality of the materials that built the knives present in the set. This means that you need to check the blade if it’s made of the famous stainless steel, or if it’s made of extremely sharp ceramic for an easier means to cut through meat and other food. Aside from this, you also need to know what exactly are the knives present in the set for you to see if you’re purchasing knives that you will often use at home. 

The following knives present in a good kitchen knife set are composed of the most common blades that most cooks use in homes and restaurants alike. In this way, you can feel at ease that you’re using the right knife that will just do the trick when preparing food for the sake of a rich flavor, or for aesthetic purposes when presenting a dish. 

Without further ado, here are the must-have knives present in your set:

Peeling Knife

A peeling knife should be present all the time for you to properly peel off hard skin of fruit and some crops like potatoes without wasting the skin. This type of knife is small and molded specifically for smoothly peeling in a way where no other excess flesh of the fruit or crop will be removed, given the fact that you know how to peel properly.

Paring Knife

Paring knives are also small in size, but is designed for more precise kinds of tasks such as trimming the outer edges of the food. Unlike the peeling knife, paring knives are meant for some certain meat and for shrimp. Though some cooks can use the paring knife in order to cut through fruit as well.

Chef’s Knife

This is a knife that can do almost any task that any type of kitchen knife can perform, which includes paring and peeling. This is meant for chopping meat, vegetables, some hard fruits, and you can even use it on other purposes that involve cutting. It’s always a must-have in a kitchen knife set.

Bread Knife

The bread knife is also an essential part of the kitchen as it allows easier means to cut through very soft food such as cheese and pastry. It’s also used to prepare sandwiches with ease without wasting the quality of the chef’s knife. It’s also more appropriate to serve bread using this type of knife as it’s light and not that sharp so then kids can also use it with ease.

There are also other knives that you can add to the set, but it depends upon your knowledge in cooking and using such knives (such as knives for filleting fish). Just be sure that the 4 listed above are always present in your arsenal, and you will be able to prepare food easier than ever.