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Controlling the position and the money

Trading has this certain mechanism that can actually control the position that could go over the amount that’s been invested. This is called a multiplier. The multiplier has the ability to control any position going over the expected amount. Apart from this, it also has the ability to know what the potential profitability is and how this can be magnified. For example, being able to invest to $100 a trader may get a profit or a return with an investment similar to $1000. This is the best deal a multiplier can offer each trader. This doesn’t only apply to winds by the way, it also applies to losses. So your profits multiplies, so does your loss when you lose. 

What exactly is this expiration time and purchase time? 

Once you tend to reach the purchase time, there will be no more option for you to be able to buy and option for an expiration time. In case both transactions actually criss cross, the deal automatically closes and its either you win or you lose. It is either you take the profit for it or the loss for it. For the expiration time, you can only choose any time available as long as a deal hasn’t been opened yet. Both times will have to be moving together until is makes a point the moment they reach each other. 

Slippage – occurs usually during CFDs. 

So what is this slippage? To get further information of all the terms, I would suggest getting the iq option app for easier access. Anyway, a slippage is considered to be the difference of an amount during a making of an order and during the execution of the order. There is quite a difference of the amount and that difference is slippage. Slippage could be positive or negative depending on the order. Usually, it happens during high volatility and fluctuation is very apparent in the market.

With slippage, it can end with either:

Stop Loss
Profit orders 

What is the goal of each trader here?
Each trader has to be able to predict and foresee the movement of the future price. Apart from predicting, one must be able to capitalize the difference with the current and the future price.  Usually, it is about knowing the prices, knowing where to go, how much it would be in the future and what to expect. Being able to know the strategy and the tactics is very important. It is a matter of being able to strategize, just like a chess game. 

If you think you can keep up with trading, you are always welcome to do so. There is always a practice account that you can devour to make yourself comfortable.