Emergency Medical Tests To Cope With Corona Virus

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Why More States Will Be Faced To Erect Emergency Medical Tests To Cope With Corona Virus

It is May 8, 2020; the world is facing the worst health pandemic in the last century. The corona pandemic is slowly destroying economies, and there is seem to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  During the time of this writing, the total death toll stands at 271,637, and with a total of 3942354 positive tests, the overall death rate will continue to rise in the coming days. The sad part is there is no cure or vaccine in sight with scientists exacting that it can take 12-18 months before a viable coronavirus is in the market.
Currently, the USA leads with the highest death toll which stands at 76942 at the time of the writing of  this article. Now, New York State leads with the death toll standing at 20,828.  The good news is we are currently seeing a decrease in the death toll in New York. Earlier figures showed that New York would have lost more than 100,000 residents if no health care measures were put in place. During the release of the initial finding, Governor Andrew Cuomo, with the help of the federal government, was forced to erect emergency medical tents in Central Park. While emergency medical tents have been constructed in New York, we are lucky to see more States being forced to set up emergency medical tests to cope with overwhelming stress on health centers. 
Here are our top reasons.
• Current Political Pressure to reopen the economy.
The current political scene in the USA is the worst in the last decade. The country is being by a leader who does not respect the advice of the scientist and experts. During an interview, President Donald Trump[ that the states should start opening up and easying up the medical health prevention measures. While the President has no power to force states to open, it is putting pressure for Governors who believe that their states are not of the woods in terms of controlling the coronavirus. In recent days we have seen that protestants who are against the lockdown order set up in  by the states. Protests such in Michigan where protestants are against the lockdown measures set up in the states. If more Governors give to the demands from the President and protestants, the country will see a surge in coronavirus infection. It will only be a matter of weeks till the different states health care system start failing and many states will be forced to erect more emergency medical tents to be able to care for more patients.
• Social Distancing Failure
When it comes to protecting our lives, we as Americans have failed to follow simple instructions given by our experts. Our experts, since the beginning of the outbreak, have insisted on social distance. However, we as Americans, we have failed to follow those simple instruction. A good example is Florida during the spring break numerous Florida residents crowded the Florida beaches without caring about observing social distance. If we continue disregarding social distancing measures put in place by our experts expect that more states will start erecting more emergency medical tents because our health care system will be overwhelmed.