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How do I know if I have a floor clause?


  • How do I know if I have a floor clause?

This question is asked daily by thousands of Spaniards, and it is not easy to know how to find the right information because there is too much information circulating, some very technical that can lead us to not know how to identify such a clause . One of the first options is to use an online calculator , such as our online calculator : calculator / simulator floor clause , but you can also do some simple checks that we explain below.

El primer paso es localizar tu escritura de préstamo hipotecario, el préstamo es un contrato diferente a la compraventa, es el documento notarial que recoge las condiciones de tu préstamo cuando te lo otorgó tu banco y se formalizó ante notario. En este documento se encuentran los interes de tu préstamo que puede ser fijo o variable. Por lo general suele haber un primer año de interés fijo y a partir del segundo año el interés pasa a ser variable y tener el famoso diferencial, que es la cantidad que se suma al índice escogido, en este caso el Euribor.  En ese misma párrafo y después de los detalles de tu diferencial, suele estar la ¿ Cómo saber si tengo cláusula suelo. Esta suele establecer unas condiciones adicionales que se intitular “ límite a la variabilidad” o  “limit to the application of variable interest "and come to say that in no case the interest may be higher than a certain amount and less than another determined amount. There's the floor. Although your interest is variable and indexed to Euribor, the application of this rule is limited with a minimum (soil) and maximum (ceiling) interest rate.

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You can also find this information on your mortgage receipt, simply by looking at the type that applies to you (it's a monthly receipt but the interest rate is your annual interest).  If the type of your receipt does not match your differential + Euribor, you are applying a floor clause.

Finally and before deciding to claim or raise your claim, ask if you were informed in any way what your floor clause meant , as if your bank informed you could not be able to complain. And it is that the Supreme Court, which is tweaking decision by decision the case law of the European High Court, has recently refined this issue and in a recent ruling of March 9 concluded that the clause floor of a mortgage contract could not be considered illegal and therefore null, since it could be demonstrated that the client had the real knowledge of the scope and consequences of the clause soil.

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