The Dating Relationship Strategy Guide for Women

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Texting someone is not only a way of communication but also a medium to keep connected. A person who is infatuated by someone is always hovering around the cell phone, waiting for his/her text. Especially when it comes to texting a guy whom you started liking or want to have a relationship with, or even if you are in a relationship with him, be careful while talking on texts to keep him enticed about you. 

Do not make him lose his interest in your relationship just because of some silly mistakes mostly every woman does. Be creative and cautious about how you text a guy, you may have him or lose him forever by the way you interact with him on your texts. Hence learning how to text him is not worthless at all. Here in this guide for women, you will know how to write to him an effective text for his emotional engagement with you.

Avoid “Vomit Texts”

The very first and most common mistake every girl commits is to send him vomit texts where she is mentioning a whole day story and happenings in a single text. He may get tired of reading your long storied and scrolling down your long messages. Try to talk briefly and of valuable things only. If you will be always telling him all the unnecessary stuff, be ready to lose his interest in conversations.

Add Value to His Life

When he texts you saying “Hey, What’s up?” or “How are You”, He may be seeking something from your side to feel happy about in his own problematic routine. Do not give him reasons to be sadder on knowing that you are having a bad day or getting bored at your workplace. Try to change boring things into fun by sending funny clicks or gifs for telling what you are up to. He should enjoy talking to you even if you both are going through the worst. Add value to his life by being a source of comfort while he needs it the most. Text him First when you know he is expecting it from you.

Don’t Send Fighting Texts

Fighting on texts is something we all do mostly unintentionally. Shifting from a simple argument to aggressive talks and fighting on texts is a common happening we all face most of the time. But it is recommended to do not start fighting with him on texts as he may feel he doesn’t want to talk about the matter anymore and you make another mistake by asking him to do not leave it like this and reply you back. This behavior may agitate him from the conversation and he may stop talking to calm himself. Better write to him to talk to you on call when he is free.

Avoid Rapid Fire Texts

If you are sending texts one after the other without giving him much time to respond, you are going to frustrate him very soon. Even if you have so many questions in your mind to ask, stay calm and ask one by one with enough gap to allow him to answer your questions without any confusion.