7 Top Vaping Accessories Every Lady Must Try

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One of the best parts of vaping is that it comes with multiple options in e-liquids, equipment, style, and accessories. All of these factors come together to make it completely different from smoking. It will not be surprising if this is one of the main reasons you were drawn towards vaping. The coolest vaping accessories are not just fun to choose, but they also take your vaping experience to the next level. And, the good thing is that when it comes to the accessories, you are spoilt for choice. 

The vaping accessories come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them are just perfect for all the women out there who are ardent vaping enthusiasts. Let's list out the top seven vaping accessories that the ladies must try.

1. Coil Building Kits

Coil building kits are the Swiss knife equivalent of vape accessories. If you have an RTA, RDA, or RDTA, then you will have to build your coils or buy them readymade. These kits have several essential tools that you will need to start making coils in the rebuildable atomizers without needing to shop for each item. 

It is always better to make your coils because it is a lot cheaper and a deeply satisfying process.

You can try Triton RTA Kit from Aspire to fine-tune the coils or make custom coils that give you a better volume of cloud or deepen your e-juice flavor.

2. A Clearomizer/Tank

Another vital accessory to have in your kit is a clearomizer or tank that holds your disposable or replaceable pre-built atomizer. The tanks are usually made of glass or plastic, and most clearomizers have four major parts. There is a mouthpiece (drip tip), where the mouth is put to start inhaling. After that, there is a tank where the e-liquid is stored. The base screws at the bottom of the tank to keep the e-liquid inside the tank.

Take a look at to find a range of clearomizers/tanks. Go for something that is within your budget and has all the features you are looking for.

3. A Battery Charger

You would be surprised to know that a large number of vapers use mods, but lack a good quality battery charger. You wouldn't want to be one of them. After all, pass-through charging, where you can plug the mods into wall chargers, is neither safe nor fast.

If you have been relying on wall chargers, it's time to stop doing it and switch to proper mod battery chargers. Decent battery chargers dissipate heat and keep the batteries cold and away from dangers. Go for iMate R2 Dual Bay Li-On Charger by Efest that is compatible with most batteries. It comes with a screen that shows the information of both the batteries.

4. A Vape Travel Case

For women who travel a lot, investing in a vape travel kit is a must. It is one of the most cost-effective and safest ways to travel with all the vape gear. You will get to keep all the accessories and equipment in one place, without the fear of leakage or spillage from keeping the parts here and there. 

Moreover, you will not have to be worried about misplacing things because it's all kept in one place. Invest in the Vape Carrying Case by Wick and Wire to keep your vape kit safe. It is the perfect blend of fashion and function that keeps all your equipment handy. 

5. Your Favorite E-Liquid

E-liquid is the soul of your e-cigarette, and it is one of the foremost accessories to go into your kit. You are spoilt for choice in terms of the flavors of e-liquid available in the market. However, you will have to try a couple of flavors to know what works best for you. 

Besides, it's not about the taste. Several other variables, such as vapor production, VG or PG, and nicotine strength, are also essential factors in determining your choice. Though the most commonly used flavors include peppermint, candy, and menthol, you can experiment with fun flavors like ice-cream, cookies, cotton candy, and blackcurrant.

6. A Cleaning Machine

If you want the tanks to last for a long time, you will have to take care of them by regularly cleaning them. A cleaning machine is a must-have in your vape kit. The right device will do a great job of clearing out the grime and dirt build-up from all kinds of vape tanks. 

After all, you would not want to keep buying new and expensive tanks every year because the previous one is too dirty. Get the Ultrasonic Cleaner by Coil Master to clean the tanks thoroughly from the inside out. This one is fast and easy to use and cleans all the residual grime left in the tanks.

7. A Vape Storage Unit

Finally, you need something to keep all your vape gear in one place. If you have loads of vaping accessories, then it is time to invest in a decent storage unit. You will be thankful for how organized your office or home feels after you get a storage unit. 

Of course, you can stuff all the tanks, e-juice, and charger in a drawer, but it's messy, and your stuff would be difficult to find. In terms of product suggestion for a vape storage unit, invest in VaporVaultz by Vaultz. It has spacious mesh pockets that are roomy enough to store all your accessories correctly.

Final Thoughts

It's time to indulge in vaping luxury and purchase the coolest accessories to add to your collection. Which one of these vaping accessories have you already tried? And, which ones are you excited to buy next? Regardless of which one you decide to go first, one thing is for sure: your vaping experience will never be the same again.