It Takes More than Change to Make a Difference in Business

Leann Pereira Perspectives from the Field


'Tis the season to evaluate our goals and find new ways to reach them. In reflecting on my year, I found that it takes a lot of work to just maintain the status quo.

I mentioned in my last blog that I’m 42 years old and that I’ve recently (re)started my own company,, LLC.young-woman-weightlifting

I should start by saying that I enjoy many aspects of aging. I’m more self-assured than I was when I was younger. I’m less impulsive and more considerate of others’ needs, and I like it when younger folks call me ma’am at the grocery store. However, it takes me longer to lose weight than I used to. I spend a lot of money on anti-aging skin creams, health and wellness products, and exercise gear. I need to continually adjust my habits in order to maintain certain aspects of my life. According to weight loss calculators, I must eat fewer calories than ever before in order to lose those last 10 pounds (which I’ve been trying to lose for years). After working out I have to take time to stretch and stay hydrated or my body aches. Why? Because I’m older and things change; my body is subject to the laws of change in a dynamic universe.

The principal that we must continuously adjust our practices to maintain a certain level of performance applies to businesses as well. Years ago during the “Web 1.0” era I first opened my recruiting firm. At that time the internet was beginning to emerge as a business tool. Many companies did not even have basic websites. Before businesses had a web presence, simply calling candidates and telling them about a job opening added value to their lives, because this information was not widely available. Recruiters appealed to a candidate’s sense of curiosity and competed only with the five-line newspaper ads that companies posted in the Sunday papers. Today sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist, Indeed and others publish job data to job seekers for free. With just a few clicks candidates can visit a company’s website and get a high-quality, rich-media experience, changing how recruiting is done. Candidates are more likely to use the internet than use a recruiter when looking for a job. To say that the threshold to captivate and enthrall a candidate has been raised is an understatement. Recruiting too is subject to the laws of change in a dynamic universe.

Maintaining productivity means driving change.

Fundamentally, the need to evolve my business practice, like my diet and exercise regime, is required to maintain productivity in a changing world. However I seek to create advantages. Therefore, in order to progress I must not only accept change, but contribute to innovations that drive change. This year, my New Year’s resolution is to invest in strategies and technologies that outpace the status quo.

Happy New Year!