Those blessed leggings

Lorraine Fernandez Moda de Chicas Curvy


Those blessed leggings

Ah, the blessed leggings, in my opinion it is possibly one of the most comfortable and saving garments one has in the closet. That kind of second skin you can use between fall and spring - although I've seen some of the colder ones in summer with them - without dying of hot or cold trying.
Believe it or not, leggings have evolved since their creation, which did not begin with the Footloose videos, and the first leggings date back to the Renaissance period! Not as we know them today, though. At the beginning they were more like a kind of garter stockings that were worn in pairs up to the thigh. Then it became, in a way, an exclusively sporty garment and only then did it become the rashguards that we all saw in the 1980s - clearly still with the sporty vibe.

Today there are leggings for all tastes: from the basic cotton leggings you can find in any retail store, (which I don't like because they're translucent), to much more daring creations, but if you don't feel comfortable, it won't be the same as wearing them with total freedom. I am a faithful believer that the comfort of a garment is not simply in the design, but rather in how free you feel when you wear it.
And from that basic black, we went through a more sophisticated black like the famous wet look or latex, also the gold lamé so hated by some and designs with more paraphernalia. I confess that I have more than a couple of each in my closet along with other jewelry with applications. Obviously, buying the right pair of leggings is a thousand times easier than buying the right pair of jeans with the right fit. But what has caught my attention lately is the relationship between art and fashion... specifically in this garment.
Just take a quick look at the fashionable blogs and you'll see more than one "it" girl with a slightly more extravagant print than the conventional. No less than Givenchy has released a collection of tribal leggings in the summer of 2010 (although some celebrities dress them better than others as you can see from the photos). But as my heart says Givenchy and my pocket tells me to dream cheaper, my favorites are those of Black Milk, an online store that I think has the best leggings on the web. Yes, here you'll find black, silver, gold, and crazy prints, including some with stained glass windows of European cathedrals, and even Klimt's kiss! Now, if your pocket thinks even cheaper than mine, you can always find the Chinese copy in Romwe.
But, not everything is wonderful in the world of leggings. Like it or not, they're a double-edged sword. I'm not one of those people who thinks leggings are just for skinny girls, but if you have a couple of pounds left over, my advice is to wear it with a longer shirt and that's it!

Are there any more leggings or pants in your closets?

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